Zumba shirt

Zumba Shirt

I am soooooo excited to be on this design team. Thank you very much for this great opportunity!!!

I recently starting taking Zumba classes with one of my Scrappy Sisters. Although it took a couple of classes to start getting comfortable with the moves, I am now loving these classes more every time. At first, it felt like I’d never even heard music before, but now I am getting the moves and it is feeling much more like dancing … of course, that would be “extreme dancing” 🙂

During a recent trip to Michaels, I found that their t-shirts were on sale so I grabbed a bunch for my classes. Since I received some great iron-on vinyl from KNK-USA, I decided to dress up one of my t-shirts for the class.

I keep one of my blade holders specifically for vinyl so that I don’t have to change the blade length all the time. I wrote “vinyl” on it with a Sharpie.

KNK Maxx 15″
Iron-on Transfer T-shirt vinyl in Storm Grey and Teal
Home iron

(1) I searched for a Zumba logo and imported the jpg file I found into MTC (Make the Cut) using Pixel Trace — a fantastic tool!

(2) In Make The Cut, I created a shadow layer to make the letters a bit thicker and then removed the inner cut lines.

(3) I mirrored the letters and then cut them and the heart shape with my KNK Maxx 15″.

I used a setting of 80 for force and 240 for velocity.

(4) With my iron on High, I turned off the steam and held the iron in place, just moving back and forth a bit, for 30 seconds. I checked to see if the backing plastic was coming off easily. If not, I just heated for a while longer. If the backing does not come off easily, keep heating with the iron until it does.

(5) Once all the letters were in place, I layered the heart between and over the Z and M.

The end result is exactly what I wanted. I love that it’s so easy to customize my own fantastic gym shirts at such a low cost.

I -heart- Zumba and it’s great for my heart … and I LOVE MY KNK!!!

20 thoughts on “Zumba shirt

  1. AWESOME! I know someone that would LOVE this! She teaches Zumba at our gym! Any chance you’d share the file 🙂 ?
    love hugs and prayers

  2. Great idea! Thanks for the great instructions, I’ve been so worried about whether I could get the vinyl to stick with my iron that I have avoided trying it. You’ve given me the confidence to try it out. btw…I keep a separate blade holder and have it marked with a Sharpie too!

  3. That is TERRIFIC!!!! I thought that the heart was made with rhingtons. Looks so beautiful

  4. I know that you mirror the design, but don’t know which side of the heat press/iron on vinyl faces up in the knk? How do I know which way it goes? It has a shiny side and a dull side.

    • Hi Joree,

      You want the vinyl side up because you will cut the vinyl, and the liner side down. The liner is the shiny side.

      Have fun!!

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