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Sometimes I would like to create a greeting card that is just a little different than the ordinary style of a folded piece of cardstock inserted into a traditional envelope.  The card shown in this post is one answer to that.  The envelope is part of the card to my way of thinking and if I were going to mail it, I would put in into a traditional envelope to be addressed and mailed.  If I were presenting it in person, I most likely would not use an additional envelope.

Here is a picture of the front of one of these types of cards – a Zipper card – that has not been embellished.  I am intending to create a Birthday card for a young lady whose favorite color is pink.


You can see that there are two lines of cuts across the top portion of the card.  The bow is made from two separate pieces of ribbon which are attached to the back of the center ends of the “Zipper” as shown in the photo below.


I used craft glue to securely attach the ribbon to the inside ends of the “Zipper”.  When the bow is untied and the two sections pulled in opposite directions, the “Zipper” opens by tearing the perforated strips from the front part of the card.  You can see an example of this in the photo below.


The contents of the card/envelope can then be removed.

The back of the card is cut the same size as the front but without the “Zipper” and attached to the front with 1/4″ double sided tape.

I originally created the files as a gift card holder.  The free files contain both the Greeting Card with Insert size as well as a size for standard Gift Cards.  Of course either size would easily hold a $100 bill or a personal check. The files can be downloaded from this link.  Zipper Cards Cutting Files_Judy_Kay

Materials Used:


Craft Glue


1/4″ Double Sided Tape


Machine Used:  15″ KNK Maxx Air

Cutting cardstock: Standard Materials Blade (Red Cap), Force – 50, Speed – 80, PIN – 25, 1 pass




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  1. Hey Judy, fabulous idea and thankyou for the freebie file to make our own. Cheers, Caroline

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