{Zingle bells…

How’s it going? Well, I guess if you are reading this, the world didn’t end today.

I’m off work for a month and since the kids are still in school this week, I’ve been crafting away. I have a couple of different projects to show you if you need some last minute, inexpensive gift ideas:



First up, the trays. I was at our local Cost Plus and found these rectangle serving dishes for $5.99. They are about 5″ x 10″ and I thought they would make cute gifts for my neighbors. Add a $3 wooden stand and some black vinyl cut with KNK Maxx and you have a neat personalized gift.

You don’t even have to put the family’s name if you don’t want.

Weeding the eyes was not easy, but I managed not to lose any body parts in the making of this plate. The stand is nice because it has a little lip on it to keep the plate from sliding off.



On this one I used the Stampin’ UP People but they were waaay too hard to weed. I think they need to be “thickened” up using the outline feature in Make the Cut and then they would work better.

I wanted to make my son’s teacher some little gifts to go with the gift card we bought and so I found a website showing how to make this with Stamping Up punches and I drew it in Make the Cut and made an easy peasy cut file, which I’ll share here:



On the website I cased this from, she used little pearls for the eyes and mouth and colored them with a sharpie. I used the rhinestone feature in Make the Cut to make the holes in white. I would not be able to glue those little things easily.

I left a little insert in the back and when I glued it down, I only glued it on the battery cover so I could change the battery if necessary. I glued a magnet on the back as well.

I bought some of those anti-bacterial soap bottles from Bath and Body Works and used the free file from this website to make these little holders.


I found this file for the mug cards from the Make the Cut forum and changed it up just a touch:




Stamped the back and now I have a neat little holder to give out gift cards.


Hope this gives you some ideas of how to use your KNK machines. I used Maxx for the vinyl and the Zing for the paper stuff.

See you next year! Hope you have a happy holiday.

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  1. Deb, what neat and creative ideas. I love the sanitizer box. With all the illness going round, one can never have too much sanitizer. The plates would indeed make a great gift for the neighbors as well. Thanks for sharing the files.

  2. What lovely ideas.
    Thank you soooo much for your free cut file and the links to other freebies. I am in heaven.

  3. So Sweet. I love the snowman he is a cuttie. To bad I have to travel today or he would be what I would be making. Love it. And thank you for sending me to the hand sanitizer blog. Man it is packed with ideas. Loved looking at your stuff and you have done good. Would not want to fool with those stick ppl though. Shewww.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas and have a Blessed New Year.

  4. What fun projects you have shared! I especially like the platter. Thanks for sharing so generously.

  5. Wow you are really a busy person, but how beautiful all came out. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do!

  6. Thanks so much for these fun Christmas ideas. I love that you included the websites for the free designs.

  7. I love your take on the snowman tea light. On the MTC forum there are a two slew of them and I made almost all of them for the teachers and staff at my son’s school. I agree with you 100% about the pearls, and yes I did attach them with jem glue and did loose a few in the process as they sprung from my tweezers. I love the idea of putting card stock over the tea light and just cutting out the holes and putting black cardstock underneath….way easier…I must remember that for gifts next year. Thank you for thinking outside the box.

  8. What great gift ideas. I have had my stick people files for a long time and used them for the first time today. They were fun!

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