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St. Patrick’s day gets kinda dissed. When I went to the store to try to buy stuff to fill my project, they had a teeny section of St. Patrick’s day stuff and 3 rows of Easter.

So… I really like Andy’s new feature on the latest Make the Cut where you can warp objects to a shape so of course, I had to play. I drew this hat entirely in Make the Cut. I didn’t use patterns, I didn’t use anything! I just drew a rectangle and used the warp objects feature and duplicated a bunch of upside down trapezoids for the tabs. Now I do have a million circles left while I tried to figure out which one would fit, but it was fun that I was able to do this myself!

Yay ME!

I made a hat for St. Patrick’s day. I know most top hats are wider at the top and narrow towards the base, but that was beyond what I know how to do.


But the best part is when you lift the lid, you can put treats inside. 20130311-IMG_8671

I ended up buying mints with green wrappers because otherwise you were going to get something with rabbits or chicks or something. 20130311-IMG_8670

Peeps. You could probably put Peeps inside. I hate Peeps, but if you like them, more power to you. My hatred of Peeps ranks up there pretty close to my hatred of tomatoes. 20130311-IMG_8667

I thought it would be cool to use for weddings as well. Anyway, hope you get some use of the file. Remember it’s free so it may not be perfect and especially since this is my first 3-d rounded thingie I’ve done.

Get the file here

A couple of helpful hints for you:

The decorative bits page has a band and a couple buckles I put together by welding shapes. I had a huge duh moment. You guys probably knew this already, but I don’t like to use the pre-made rounded rectangle in MTC shapes because when you size it, it gets all funky. So… I drew a square and put a shadow on it and made sure the rounded box was checked. I deleted the original square. I hate to admit my stupidity, but remember I keep it real here.


Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.32.53 PM

This is the base page. The circles are obvious where they go on this one and I’ve even put a little guide so you know where to put the cylinder. Because believe me, that was not easy at all!

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.32.35 PM


The last time I shared, some of you got confused by the way I do my files. See how it’s 3 pages? (lid, base, decorative bits). Click on each tab to get to the page. That’s how I roll. If you want to copy and paste them all to one page because it works for you, please feel free.

The lid page has two circles that look close to the same size. Make sure you use the smaller one for the inside and the bigger for the outside. Otherwise bad things will happen. Very, very bad things.

Just kidding. Just want to see if you’re paying attention.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.32.24 PM

Anyway, have fun with this! I gifted it to our school secretary, whose birthday is St. Patrick’s Day. I gave it to her early because I discovered certain family members were getting in and eating the chocolate. 20130311-IMG_8660

See you next time, on the third Friday of the month. Cause that’s how I roll, yo.

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27 thoughts on “{Zing goes Green

  1. This is really cute. I never decorate for St. Pat’s day but I do like yours.
    I think I will save this for “just in case”. Thanks again.

  2. Love it thanks for sharing! I made Sandy’s rhinestone shamrock shirt and gave it away! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough green stones to make myself one but she was attending a party not me 🙂
    Love hogs and prayers

  3. You’re such a Genius!!! I totally wasn’t prepared for the top of the hat to lift off and have it be a fancy shmancy box!! Awesome. Ü


  4. Love reading your creative process. Your explorations will save us some hassle. Clever box. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Great project!! I can see that changing the colors and swapping out the shamrock with stars and flags, it would be a perfect decoration for Fourth of July.

  6. I love this! Great job on both the project and the instructions! Thanks for sharing it all.

  7. This came out great – I love the idea and a good job for your first 3D object.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey Me!!! That is one terrific box. What a great project. I was so impressed I had to call my DH in and show it to him….and on top of that you shared with us. Thank you for the file and for the ideas and inspiration. I’m thinking weddings, also…. Thanks again.

  9. Great project. Thanks for sharing. Love all the features Andy keeps adding to MTC.

  10. Very very cool!!! I will have to try to make something like that, but even if I don’t I thank you for the lovely file. You made it sound very doable.

  11. What a great idea! Love it. My favorite part is that you can actually put items inside the hat. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Deb, you made my day. I laughed so hard at how you described your creative muse. I think I’m there with you. Love the hat. I do a lot of St. Patrick’s Day decorating and you are right, it is very difficult to find anything for St. Patrick’s Day including the paper. This is right up my alley… and to fill the hat makes it even better.
    I’ve done the green beer mugs but wanted something different. This really fit into what I liked. I suppose I’m going to have to buy MTC to use this file but I really like it so I will have to bite the bullet. Thanks for sharing.

  13. No tomatoes, huh? I have son who has no use for then either!

    You did a great job designing the hat AND a great job decorating it! Thanks for sharing the file!

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