Zing and Quilling

A couple months ago I was in Joann’s craft store and I picked up a little quilling kit and I thought it might be fun to give it a try.



It came with this little quilling thing, but it was broken. Mr. KrapiKreate took it apart and fixed it for me though. 🙂 It doesn’t look pretty, but it works. 20150414-IMG_7320 20150414-IMG_7321 20150414-IMG_7323

So I started making stuff. These are my first attempts and I promise the glue marks don’t look as bad as they look in these pictures. Sometimes my camera is TOO good at picking up details:

20150414-IMG_7315 20150414-IMG_7316 20150414-IMG_7317 20150414-IMG_7318 20150414-IMG_7319

Then, I was reading this post: http://teamknk.com/engraving-knk-mtc/ and I thought to myself, hmm. I think I could apply that to quilling. The set I bought only came with 5 colors and I have a million colors in my stash. The thought of trying to cut 1/8″ strips with my paper trimmer scared me. Immensely.

I followed Michele’s steps, except I changed the distance to .125″, since that is the size of the quilling strips.


Notice how I didn’t have it cut out the sides. With strips that thin, it’s easy for them to get messed up. I don’t want to pick them individually off the mat either, so I left the sides in tact, because it’s also easy to store them as flat strips. When I want to use a color, I just tear the piece off and cut the ends so they are neat. 20150414-IMG_7313

I made a cute little pink balloon. Again, excuse the yucky glue marks. 20150414-IMG_7314

The quilling shapes make fun cards. 20150414-IMG_7309

They give them some dimension. Which I like. 20150414-IMG_7311


Here’s the file, if you want to see what I did. It’s pretty easy to make a set any size and amount you want using MTC.

Machine used: Zing; 10/10; 115, one pass

Materials used: paper.

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3 thoughts on “Zing and Quilling

  1. Very cool! I bet your Zing saved you a ton of time. I often use my KNK for simple things but know if I want a 3″x4″ piece of paper my KNK will cut each one exactly to my measurements.

  2. Deb…you did awesome work!! I took a couple of quilling classes a couple of years ago, it was fun. Thanks for sharing this with us!!

    A tip for you, the instructor, who by the way was a young man of about 25, who has been quilling since he was 7, said to always tear off your strip ends…this actually makes less of a ridge when starting or ending a strip.


    PS…our husbands must be related, LOL!

  3. Great work and great ideas! I have been wanting to try quilling and you have just given me the inspiration to get to it!


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