You Put Rhinestones Where?

Yep, I did it.  I stuck them right on her skin!  And let me tell you, she was the belle of the ball! You see, the story actually begins 18 months ago. [Feel free to stop reading here and scroll down to the pics if you are already bored]  Anyhow, 18 months ago I was in Austin, TX working an EXPO for a couple of weeks and some co-workers and I decided to take our one day off and visit the outlet malls in San Antonio. There we found a Betsey Johnson store and boy, did we have a blast! We bought my DD three dresses, narrowed down from the original 20 or so adorable items that she could wear (and that would be daddy-approved, I have to add). The first was a cute, cute, cute sundress.  The second was a cocktail dress in a dark blue rose pattern with black lace trim (kinda looked like my grandma’s curtains – just sayin’), and the third was a black cocktail dress with a peek-a-boo tulle underskirt in hot pink. Do people still call them ‘cocktail’ dresses?  Hmmm…I’ll have to check on that. Anyway, at last year’s Homecoming she wore the rose dress. This year she was nominated to the Homecoming Court (totally unexpected) and really wanted to look her best. While she loved the black dress, she was afraid it was going to fade into the gymnasium walls without something to spice it up. We added a hot pink ribbon at her waist, and hot pink Nike pumps (that is a whole different story, but for the short and sweet of it, the Homecoming theme was ‘2012 Olympics’) but she still wanted MORE. Soooo, whew, here it is. I decided to bling my daughter, yes, bling her – not the dress. The rhinestone motif rubber is flexible enough to mold to most parts of the body. While my design went over the shoulder, the material did work with a small amount of manipulation. I’m sure it would work fantastic on an arm, back, chest, or somewhere else relatively smooth/not bony.

Required Supplies:

Rhinestone material


Glitter Tattoo glue (cosmetic glue)

Optional Supplies:

Sharpie markers


To start out, I created my swirlee design in KNK Studio, then I copied and pasted to MTC. I used MTC’s rhinestone feature to create the design three times – one for each size rhinestone. Next, I broke apart the rhinestone circles and started shifting them together to create a design with the largest stone size at the center, medium size stones next, and the smallest size stones at the extremities. Once it looked like I had a smooth transition, I cut the rubber with my Maxx using a standard (red cap) blade. I started with the recommended settings, and made several test cuts, and finally ended here:

Maxx Settings:  speed = 100, force = 80, passes = 3

As you can see, I color-coded the circles with Sharpies based on the rhinestone size intended for that opening.

I put the rhinestone material on my t-shirt a few times so it wasn’t overly sticky, then laid it from front to back across her shoulder. I used the 3 Sharpie markers to make color-coded dots on her skin so I knew which dots were to be 10ss, 16ss, or 20ss stones.

Next I coated the back of 10-12 rhinestones with glitter tattoo glue and set them aside to dry. Then I applied glue to the corresponding colored dots on her skin. After the glue turned from white to clear, I applied the stones to the dots. I repeated this for the next 80 to 90 minutes until rhinestones covered all of the dots.

She told me the next day that she had a wonderful time….that she felt like a princess because of me. She also said that the homecoming queen told her ‘I might be queen, but you are definitely the most beautiful girl here tonight’.  I teared up, I admit.

btw…I refused to buy those shoes so she did that part all on her own.

The next picture was taken after she returned home from the dance:

The rhinestones stayed on very well. She did take them off for work the next day – and BONUS, when she removed them the glue took the Sharpie dots off too!

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I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

57 thoughts on “You Put Rhinestones Where?

  1. Breathtaking! I love it! She is beautiful and BTW I did notice the shoes 😉
    She is stunning and what a beautiful compliment from the quenn! She does look like a princess! I’d better not show the dance team this one!
    love hugs and prayers

  2. You had me at putting rhinestones on skin….wow…beautiful. And the daughter is too…btw tell her I loved her shoes!

  3. Oh wow, you are one dedicated Mom….love the results. And you were definitely thinking outside the box LOLOL

    • thank you. I’m just so glad I gave myself plenty of time to apply all of the stones – I would surely have been frazzled if I hadn’t!

  4. very pretty young lady, but I have to agree. ditch the shoes for me,but I am sure that generation loved them. Cool I idea too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well now I’ve seen it all! LOL! How do you people think all these things up??? I love this idea and it was so impressive. It gave your lovely daughter some real fairy tale glam. Great job, Mom!

  6. wow…what a great idea and wonderful job you did…your daughter looked absolutely stunning…what a lovely girl

  7. What a great idea, your daughter is beautiful too! I love this and can see people coming in and begging to be blinged…

    • Thank you Debi. Besides school dances, it would be neat to do for a wedding – using the AB style clear rhinestones mixed with pearls!!

  8. FANTASTIC!!! What daughter wouldn’t love to have her mom ‘decorate’ her like this?? Great idea. You have set the bar pretty high with this one. An idea for a business??

    • Thanks so much. I can definitely see it as an add-on business or sideline. One nice thing is that if you use a good glue, and don’t rub with a towel, they can stay on for up to 5 days.

  9. WOW — I couldn’t wait to read your whole article when I saw the title. This is simply amazing! GREAT job and so very creative. Beautiful young lady — sure would like to have been there to see the look on everyone’s faces when she walked in!!

    • I’m so happy to hear that, thank you! She definitely caught everyone’s attention at the dinner – kids and parents alike. But I agree, it would have been great to people watch as she entered the dance!

  10. You have taken rhinestone application to a whole new level. Thank you so much for the idea and the pictures. She must have felt like a princess all blinged out like that.
    Great job Mom!

  11. AWESOME!!!! I was wondering how you were going to apply them!
    We have body glue for rhinestones in the salon, but I never used it. At the trade show they demoed it by extending rhinestones off of the nail bed and onto the finger. Another way is along eyelashes. What an awesome idea to drape it over her shoulder!!! Job well done Michele!

      • And those shoes ROCK! LOL….now for an old lady like me…no…but for a young girl, fitting for the dance theme, cool and trendy!! Awesome outfit….there’s no wonder why she was nominated for the court! What a beautiful, self-less comment the homecoming queen said! How thrilling! 🙂

  12. That was an awesome idea!!! Now I secrectly wish my little girl had gone with a fairy costume for Halloween instead of Rapunzel. Her costume covers her all over (good) so maybe a few on her face? I love it!!!!

    • Thank you. I think you could definitely make it work on the face – a hint of sparkle that will really show up under the porch lights!

  13. This is so darling, how unique and beautiful!!! I bet your daughter was the envy of more than one young lady at that party!! Nice work, MOM!!!

  14. I love your posts! I would NEVER have had the nerve to do this rhinestone tattoo thing, but it is beautiful, and probably just the thing for this teenager of yours!

  15. Thanks so much! It was a fun project and I’m so glad it turned out well. She loved the glam, and I didn’t have to alter the dress so I’m happy too!

  16. OOOOHHHHHH my goodness, LOL. I never would have this great idea running for my mind. Your model is soooo Beautiful and Your PROJECT is AWESOME. TERRIFIC idea.

  17. i LOVE this, and definitely want to try this, but on another forum someone was saying that i could not put rhinestones on childrens clothing because of a lead issue!!! if that is the case, then it cant be good to have them on skin. can someone clarify this?

  18. oops, i just want to comment again, as i forgot to check the box to be notified of replies 🙂

    maybe there are different types of rhinestones? and i have bought commercial items that have rhinestones on kids clothes. so not sure if this is just an urban legend?

    • The concern is the lead backing on Rhinestones – if ingested (6 yrs old or younger) in quantities of more than 4,000 stones. I did not have concerns with 2 layers of glue between her skin and the stones, as well as it being on the skin versus in the digestive system.

  19. Fantastic! I love this idea and I have to try it. Your daughter is beautiful and her smile says it all. Thanks for sharing this, it is a winner!

  20. Absolutely MAGICAL! What a memory you’ve created for her; she is just darling. Is that a BLANK Kitchenaid on your counter? (Tee hee hee)

    • Good eye – it is bare! It leaks oil or it would be beautified. I found a solution to the leak, but haven’t had time to take it apart and fix it!

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  22. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing. I was going to show it to my daughter but suddenly realised that would not be a good idea as she would want me to do the same on her, lol. You certainly have great patience. Your daughter is a little beauty and looked stunning and YES I love the shoes too, lol. You could most definitely get business from this idea as it would be very popular with girls although I think it would be very tiring after a couple of times. Thanks for sharing this fabulous post.

    MichelleE x

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