X-Rated Wines

What I absolutely love best about my KNK is that it can cut not only the thickest materials, or the most intricate designs, but that it can cut the most intricate designs out of the thickest and even the thinnest materials without a problem at all.

This gives me the idea for my next DT post 🙂

This month, my project is a layout of pictures from a trip to South Dakota last November.

The only thing I cut with my KNK is the title, but the material I used for the red part of the title was a thin wrapping paper. I also created the shadow layer with MTC (Make the Cut) — I love this because you can choose exactly the thickness of the shadow you want with MTC.

Below are pictures of my layout. Note that the “I just play one in your life” and “People say I have a bad attitude” tags are cut from pictures I took of these comments painted on the wall of the washroom.

Thank you very much for visiting. See you again next month!!

16 thoughts on “X-Rated Wines

  1. i usually am not interested in scrapbook pages but that is very tempting…lovely page

  2. Loved the layout and the sayings were GREAT. I have thought of using wrapping paper but never have actually done it. It turned out way better than I thought it would. So clever. Thanks for sharing.

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