Wrap it up! with AccuPro Wrap Vinyl!

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2013 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas (SEMA = Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association). I had two specific jobs at the week-long show – 1) find new technologies that my ‘day job’ might be able to use and 2) chaperon students from my ‘second job’. These are college juniors and seniors so they really needed very little of my time.

While there, I found a third purpose for my visit and it got me thinking. This is all around vinyl of course (hence the title) – there were at least a hundred vendors and probably an acre or two of automotive vinyl application booths/displays!!!! There were even sponsored competitions for vehicle wraps that resulted in some amazing finished products. Wow, I saw some really cool stuff. There is so much we can do if we are only brave enough!!! LOL!

[Toes tapping on the ground, “Okay, Michele, what’s your point?”] So, back to my inspired ‘thinking’….I bought some of the AccuPro Wrap Vinyl from KNK USA a couple of months ago. Well….between living in the RV, then commuting back and forth 500 miles one-way every week since Nov 1st, I simply haven’t found the time to play with it. However, I spent two and a half days last weekend getting my craft room set up in the new house and I am READY to make Christmas presents – whoo hoo! Put the two together, and I have ‘wrapped’ gifts to make!  I will post my wrap vinyl projects on Wednesday, so please check back.

AccuPro Wrap Vinyl

Wrap vinyl is a highly flexible PVC vinyl film that stretches to conform to the underlying shape similar to the Gemstone Metallic Vinyl I wrote about last month, but where Gemstone is more multipurpose, AccuPro Wrap Vinyl is specifically designed for wrap applications. Wrap vinyl can have a smooth surface with a matte or glossy finish, and be colored or metallic (chrome). It can also be textured to look like grain leather, carbon fiber, crocodile/alligator skin, or snake skin. The real beauty of this product is that it does not lose its texture when heated and stretched across varying surface shapes.


Technical Features:

  • Thickness: 180-260 microns (depending on the surface texture)
  • Adhesive: clear
  • Stretchable to approximately 130%
  • Easy air bubble removal
  • 5-6 year indoor and 4 year outdoor durability
  • Removable with no residual adhesive
  • Ultraviolet barrier
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Installation temperatures: 60-80°F
  • Usage temperatures: -5 to 200°F

Cutting recommendations:

  • Standard (red cap) blade
  • Pressure and Speed: start with typical vinyl settings and test cut, test cut, test cut to find the perfect settings (more to come on Wednesday)
  • Cut on the carrier (backing paper) or apply smaller pieces to a mat
  • Cut approximate to your shape (you’ll use your stretching skills to make it fit)

Application recommendations:

  • Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any foreign material
  • Apply in a dust free environment that is within the recommended application temperature range of 60-80°F
  • Apply heat to get the maximum stretch
  • Use a soft rubber squeegee to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles
  • Be patient

AccuPro Wrap Vinyl is more forgiving than other vinyls, so it is probably the perfect product for me! I’m getting soooo excited to try it out. The cutting part is the easiest part for me, and I’ll let you know how the stretch wrapping turns out when you check back on Wednesday!

9 thoughts on “Wrap it up! with AccuPro Wrap Vinyl!

  1. Very Interesting. Paul and I have a Shelby GT 500 that he races in Tulsa each year. I think this is the stuff that some of the guys use on the front of their car to protect it from rock dings. But I’ve only seen in in white. I know it pulls off without harming the paint. It might not be the same stuff, but it sure sounds like it. I’m going to have to make some phone calls. Our car is red with a grey strip. I bet that silver snakeskin would look awesome on the front of ours!

  2. Can hardly wait to see what you have done. The wheels are turning as to what it might be and how I can use it!

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