Woven Backgrounds

I recently saw pictures of some clever cards that used a background of woven strips of paper.  Even though I spend a lot of time cutting pieces of fabric with a ruler and rotary cutter, I knew I would not be able to cut the quantity of same sized strips that would be needed to create a woven background.  But I knew my 15″ Maxx Air would do the job for me.  And it did!!  Quickly and beautifully!

Here is a picture of the first weaving piece.


Materials Used:



Machine used:  15″ Maxx Air

Red (standard material) blade, Force – 70, Speed – 200, 1 pass, 25 PIN


The first thing I needed to do was to create a file of parallel lines which were the distance apart that matched the width of the strips I wanted to create.  This was so very easy using Make the Cut software!

Begin by drawing a straight line the length that you want.  I used the pencil tool and held down the Ctrl key as I moved my cursor to keep the line straight.  If the line isn’t the length you want, you can unlock the padlock for the object dimensions, type in the length, and press enter to change the size of the line.


To make multiple lines, use the Duplicate function and specify the spacing as the width of the strips.  Remember to add one to the number of lines to get what you want.  For example, if you want 20 strips, draw 21 lines.


Then position your shape where you want it based on the size of your paper.  I chose to cut 11″ lines on 12″ cardstock so I would have a border all around the strips.  Then I could decide which borders I wanted to remove.  It is much easier to do the weaving when the strips are attached at one end than when they are all loose.  Of course, you can line them up and put some painters tape over one end to hold them also.

Here are some examples of the results of my attempts at weaving.  I used two different colors of cardstock that I thought would photograph well.  You could use more than two colors for your weaving or even use some printed papers instead.  For a formal occasion card it would be attractive to use metallic or even glittered cardstock/paper. Keep in mind that the heavier the paper is, the more difficult it will be to snuggle the woven strips together.  If you are very creative, you could weave a plaid background.  Or even use strips of different widths.




The two pictures with the pink base are two different pieces of weaving.  The two green photos are actually the back and front of the same piece.

As you can see you would want to put some kind of a frame over the weaving to neaten or dress it up.  To give you some ideas, I used the Cookie Cutter tool in my Adobe Photoshop Elements to “cut out” some shapes,




So now it is up to you to make your own woven creations.  I remember making paper lanterns when I was in grade school.  By leaving a border all around and cutting strips in the center of your paper you would have what you needed to create a lantern.

Have Fun!!!


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  1. Love this idea! Did you actually cut out the shapes or used this as a mat over it? Thank you for sharing! I hardly ever use the pencil tool but would love to know more ways to use it.

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