Worldwin Cutmates Cardstock

Worldwin CutMates Cardstock is diecutable cardstock which is specifically engineered to cut better in today’s cutting machines. Use CutMates solid coloured cardstock to get clean, crisp cuts in the first pass.  Every time.

CutMates is solid coloured cardstock with a solid core and a weight of approximately 65lb. It comes in a 12 inch x 12 inch sheet size and a wide variety of useful colours.

cutmates 2

Cutmates has a distinctive subtle texture which gives an expensive look and feel to your finished card making and scrapbooking projects.

cutmates 1

Cutmates is the go-to cardstock choice for your intricate cutting designs, it leaves you with clean and crisp results that you can rely on.

The design below is 5.75 inch x 5.75 inch with 625 paths included, my Zing cut it from Cutmates Cardstock perfectly in just one pass.

cutmates 3

Here is the finished project along with a couple of other cards where the use of Cutmates was invaluable:


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  1. What beautiful cards you have made with those Cardstocks, Birds. It is incredible the beautiful things that can be made with Cardstocks. I love them….

  2. Your cards are always amazing as is the photography. Thanks for the info on the paper.

  3. Bird, your cards are always great and you are so generous in sharing your files on your site. I appreciate your talent and your generosity.Thanks!

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