Word String Pop-Up Cards

In the process of making a birthday card for a special friend I came up with a variation of a pop-up card that I thought was a bit of fun.   To illustrate that, I made three different cards for today’s post:  A Birthday card, A Halloween card and a Thanksgiving card.  These cards may not be a pop-up card in the traditional sense but they do have a portion inside that pops up as you open the card.  As you can see in the pictures below, the strip at the top of the card moves away from the card itself as it opens allowing the word strings to dangle in space and present the greeting to the person opening the card.













The font on the front of the card is Brush Script MT Italic.  The font on the left inside is Freehand575.  The font for the word strings is Franklin Gothic Heavy Italic.  The words on the front and left inside are cut from a self adhesive foil called “Funky Film”.  The cupcake and balloons were created in KNK Studio.













The graphics on the front of the card are from a dingbat in the font 12 Halloween Signs.  The wording is cut from vinyl.  Inside the shy little ghost is also a dingbat from the Spooky font.  The creatures inbetween the letters in the word strings are from various other dingbat fonts or were created in KNK Studio.  The letters in the word strings are in the AR CENA font. 













The wording on the front of this card and on the inside left was written by inserting a Pilot Razor Point pen into the blade holder grip on my KNK Maxx.  The pen was also used to draw the line that echos the shape of the panels on the front of the card.  The pumpkins and leaves were created in KNK Studio.  After cutting, they were chalked and then embossed using a hand held embossing tool and a sponge mouse pad.  I am very pleased with how they turned out.  The font for “Give Thanks” is Garmond Kursive.  The font on the panel on the inside left is Jott_e – one of the engraving fonts provided with KNK Studio.  The font for the word strings is Freehand 591.

I am sure that you can use these ideas for many occasions other than the three shown above.  Have fun with them.  Thanks to Sandy there are links to download the files below.

Word String Popup Cards – KNK Format

Word String Popup Cards – MTC Format

Word String Popup Cards – EPS Format

Word String Popup Cards – AI Format

51 thoughts on “Word String Pop-Up Cards

  1. Judy, these are wonderful! I love how you adapted different fonts for each occasion. Having looked for “the perfect font” before, I truly appreciate all the “trial and error” that was necessary to arrive at a decision for each of these cards. Thanks so much for sharing all that time and decision making with us. I especially love the element of surprise, when the card is opened. These cards have the same effect as receiving a card filled with confetti…without the clean-up. Even better…the receiver can have the experience more than once..

    • Thank you, Lynn. As you know, you were my inspiration for these. I can imaginge that little kids (of all ages) would find them fun.

    • Thanks, Nancy!! I think of you as the queen of cards so I am glad I came up with something new to you!!

  2. Judy! What a fun idea!! Much better than a card full of glitter that drops out of the card when you open it! 😉 LOL

  3. I love this idea. Like someone else said, you get the element of surprise without the cleanup of the confetti. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What an original idea – just love it. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. What an absolute unique idea, Judy. I love all the beautiful colors you used, and that Funky Film really pops your fonts on your cards. I can see making some of these will be in my future. Thanks so much for sharing the files. I really appreciate it.

    • Thank you, Lynn! I like using the Funky Film because is is different. Enjoy using the files.

  6. Wow! I’m so impressed with this. What a great idea and glad you’ve included several versions. Thanks for sharing the files.

  7. Thank you sooo much for these awesome files! I am sure your files are going to put many many smiles on numerous faces. I am looking forward to making some these and giving them to love ones. Thanks, again, Judy S

  8. Wow, these are so much fun, and so creative. What a wonderful thing you have come up with.

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth! I, too, think they are fun and that the recipients will enjoy getting them.

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