Wisconsin weather…

We have had some crazy weather here in Wisconsin. Last week Monday school was closed because of the amount of snow that we had that day. Schools are reluctant to close because by law the students are required to go a certain number of days and although “snow days” are built into the annual calendar you don’t want to exceed them. Wednesday and Thursday the Governor declared a State of Emergency as we had -50 wind chills. Everything closed, even mail delivery was cancelled. The following Monday we had freezing rain, all roads were glare ice. County trucks out salting the roads were sliding into each other. And this is when little Mayan decided to come into this world! Now I don’t know this family, but they live fairly close and this event was well covered by local media. Mason was delivered in the front seat of the car by his dad with his 3 older siblings in the back seat!

So, I decided to make them a few gifts. I reached out to baby Mayan’s mom, Pilar and got the info I needed. First I made the birth plaque…

Then I decided to make a family gift…

Then a couple of personalized onesies…

Mayan’s sister Anah is 4 so I made her this.

Mayan’s due date was yesterday, another day of no school due to freezing drizzle topped by 7″ of snow. I was fortunate to have all the supplies on hand and plenty of time as I wasn’t about to venture out!


Wood Canvas

Wood cabinet door


Dollar store Apron




15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade


Vinyl  36

HTV 50 multi cut 2

Speed 500

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin weather…

  1. My goodness Nancy, How you went through that horrible weather? The minimum in Orlando was 29, and I felt like it was the -50 that you were having LOL.

    The story of little Mayan sounds like a mivie story. Thanks God he is ok. Your project came out AWESOME!

    • It is the coldest weather in my lifetime, we have never had the mail cancelled. The good news is snow days are stay inside and craft days so I love them. Mom and baby are doing well, mom said he is a very good baby!

  2. What a lovely and generous package of gifts you have made, Omayra! Nobody is going to forget Mayan’s birthday! Hugs to everyone!

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