Welcome Banner

KNK, Digital Cutter, Force, Omayra

It is time to Welcome important people who come for vacation to your house for first time. So I wanted to make them feel that they were home as well as getting an excuse to use my WONDERFUL Force machine.

This is an easy to make project so let start.

The materials that we are going to use to make this project are:

Settings for KNK Groove-e

  • Force =  15
  • Speed = 150


  1. Glue three chipboard together to form a long stripe
  2. Choose the scrapbook paper that you want to use and glue them to the chipboard.
  3. Design your Welcome word and the name that you want to put on the banner. I used shapes from the MTC Gallery.
  4. Cut the vinyl and put it on the banner
  5. Then decorate the banner with ribbons
  6. Finally, make two holes to put the ribbons that are going to be holding the banner on the wall. Because the chipboard try to bend DO NOT tie one long ribbon to the banner. Instead cut that long ribbon in half and tie one to each hole.