Wedding Toast with Style

Wedding Glass made with vinyl

Wedding glass made with vinyl









My friend wanted to make personalized bride and groom glasses for her wedding toast. I offered to etch them but she decided to make them with vinyl. I never thought that they would look as beautiful as they turned out. Instead of silk flowers you could use real ones to make them look even more beautiful.

The wonderful result for the celebration is that the glasses look expensive but cost very little, lol. With our KNKs machine we can create magic with any project!

Materials Used:



    • In KNK Studio or MTC design what you want to use
    • Cut them out with your KNK machine
    • Put transfer tape on top of it, and peel it off the backing sheet
    • Place your vinyl design on the glass
    • Embellish as desired

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  1. I would have liked your etching too. Nevertheless, this is what the bride wanted so it is perfect and lovely!

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