Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Invitation, KNK, Omayra, Vellum In year and half my husband and I will be celebrating 25 Wedding Anniversary, so I decided to start planning to make a celebration with some originals things not expensive but beautiful. With my KNK Groove-e I am pretty sure that that is going to be possible. I started making the invitations. It is a delicate invitation with engraved doves on each side of the invitation and ribbon. In this example, I combined the invitation with a purple ribbon, but my actual invitation will have a silver ribbon (for 25th anniversary). I have to add a number 25 somewhere but I am still thinking where – LOL.

Materials Used:



    • Design your project in KNK Studio or MTC.
    • Insert the Embossing Tool (I used the smaller end of the tool) and emboss your design.
    • Once embossed, insert the Blue Cap Blade, leave the force on 87 and cut the acrylic.
    • Finally, embellish as you desire. I cut a piece of cardstock to the size of my invitation and put it inside.

June 9th post

If you want the embossing to really “POP”, use a white vellum marker on the back of your embossing. It looks really pretty!

Close up of the Embossing

Close up of the Embossing

This is a close-up of the embossing without the white marker.

Remember the Summer Solstice Challenge that is running this month? Take out your KNK machine and your creativity, and you could win a KNK ZING AIR – is that not a TERRIFIC Prize? Good Luck!!!!


Download the full details here: SummerChallenge

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