We have KNK’s, we can do anything!

When I first got my KNK my only goal was to be able to cut something…anything. I was so worried it would be to difficult for me to master. It wasn’t long before I could cut and I went crazy buying files. I was quite sure I would never be able to design something, it wasn’t even a goal. I was pleased as punch when I could weld letters together. When Shirley told me about grouping and ungrouping it opened a whole new world. :~) Little by little I began to discover all of the things this great machine and KNK Studio could do. Now, if I see something online that I like I know that “I can do that”. I recently saw an adorable flower card on pinterest and it linked back to a blog, and eventually to Split Coast Stampers. I was able to import the pdf file to KNK Studio and convert it into a cut file.I used my Cuttlebug and embossed the petals and the flower center. It is cute, but the inside of the card is tiny. It might be a great gift tag.

IMG_2258 IMG_2261 IMG_2262  Then I saw a silhouette of a “tea party”.  According to the site it was originally a cross stitch pattern. I imported it into KNK Studio, vectorized it, and cut it from vinyl.  Sure beats cross stitch. :~)  It is amazing how easy it is to find things to cut.

IMG_2263 I have attached the files in KNK format.

tea for two

folded flower card

23 thoughts on “We have KNK’s, we can do anything!

  1. Love it Nancy! I love going to the bank or other places in town where the people seem in awe that I’m able to do what I do with my cutter. Just yesterday, I invited them all to my house to see how I do it all. So maybe KNK will get some orders out of it when they come!

  2. You are sooo right. Cutting with a digital cutter beats cross stitch any day of the week. I really enjoyed your article. Thank you.

  3. I agree about cutting verses cross stitch! Can’t see the dang stuff anymore to do it!! Cute file, thank you. I have “tea” friends and my mom so I know this file will be used.

  4. Love this card and thanks for the files. I never thought I could design either but Sandy’s videos make it so easy. She is such a good teacher and her videos are so spot on that it makes designing a snap. All the other great people on her digests are so helpful and willing to share, it is just like one big supportive family. Thanks so much for sharing, Nancy.

  5. I know! I feel the same way. Can’t wait until retirement to be even more creative!

  6. Well, I know NOTHING about cross stitch, but I do believe that cutting can be very easy and gratifying, once you get your feet wet 🙂

    Thanks for the share, Nancy!

  7. I had not realized how far I had come until I thought about all the different functions I’m using with each project. It seems like I learn something new almost every time I cut something (YAY!). And I still have a lot to learn! Thanks for sharing these cute projects. I LOVE this forum.

  8. Great projects! Love the flower card. Cute idea. I have tons of cross-stitch patterns I know I’ll never get around to making. Maybe I can get a couple done this way. Now how do I get the extra time to do all these great projects? Sleep less?

  9. Thank you for sharing the files. Our machines are wonderful. I just wish they would produce more hours in my day for creative fun.

  10. Cool, Nancy!!! Love both of the items!!! You give me some ideas. Thanks for the files.

  11. Any way to get KNK files in a format compatible with the Zing and Make-The-Cut?

  12. lovely…what a great idea for cross stitch….just too little to see also anymore so this will revive doing cross stitch….lol…thank you

    the card is lovely…and a great tutorial!!!

  13. I loved to cross-stitch many decades ago, when I could actually still see! lol So, I with you on that one. Your two cards are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love this idea, Nancy, that sunny flower is just perfect as a get well or pick me up message!!

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