Vinyl Stencils, Print & Cut and 3D Printing with KNK

I am so pleased with how these turned out! And I would be hard-pressed to decide which one I like better. These were so much fun because they combined Print and Cut, cutting both paper and vinyl, and 3D printing – yet I created everything in Make-the-Cut.


This first paddle (pictured on the right in above photo) used Print and Cut for the ‘wallpaper’ background and the crest, it also used a lot of 3D printing for the accent pieces. I scanned the paddle to get the exact shape. I imported the shape into Make-the-Cut and then imported the wallpaper. I used boolean join to create the wallpaper in the paddle shape (rather than printing a whole page of wallpaper – simply to minimize printer ink usage). I printed it on a large format printer and then cut it out with my Maxx Air using the Print and Cut feature. For the crest, I imported the image and created an outline. I printed it and then cut the outline, also using Print and Cut. For the ‘platform’ I created a second outline, and then exported the outline shapes as an svg. I imported the svgs into 3D software and created the bilevel platform for the crest. This was 3D printed on the KNP3D, along with all of the roses, lettering and numbers. Some of the 3D objects were spray painted gold. The 3D roses were hand painted with acrylic paint. Once all of the pieces had been glued on and were dry, the entire paddle was sprayed with a clear gloss.


The second paddle used layer after layer of vinyl stencils to spray paint all of the individual colors (medium teal, pink, dark blue, gold and white) over the light teal base. At first, I used contact paper but quickly found out that the fine details of these flowers were hard to identify so I switched to a colored wall vinyl for the stencils. The gold letters and numbers were purchased, and are made from wood. I 3D printed the names and the roses. The roses were hand painted with acrylic paint and then all of the pieces were glued onto the paddle. Finally, a clear gloss coating was applied to the entire project.



Settings – Standard Material Blade (red cap):

  • Paper
    • f = 65
    • v = 250
    • p = 1
  • Vinyl
    • f = 10
    • v = 300
    • p = 1

Instructions (Print and Cut):

  1. Import or create the designs and die cut shapes in Make-the-Cut
  2. Print the designs
  3. Cut out the designs/shapes using Print and Cut (I cut a shadow layer rather than the object to allow for some ‘white space’ around the crest)
  4. Apply design to the ‘platform’¬†with adhesive of choice (mine is a 3D print of the outline and I used double sided adhesive sheets to adhere it)

Instructions (Vinyl stencils):

  1. Import or create the designs (this design had 6 layers) in Make-the-Cut
  2. Cut the 5 top layers from vinyl for your individual color stencils
  3. Apply one stencil layer at a time and spray paint
  4. Remove stencil(s)

Instructions (3D prints):

  1. Import or create the designs in Make-the-Cut
  2. Export as an svg
  3. Import the svg(s) into any 3D design software
  4. Edit the svg as desired (I use a push/pull function to turn the flat designs into 3 dimensional shapes)
  5. Export the 3D file as an .stl
  6. Import the .stl file into Slic3r and resize if needed
  7. Export the file as a .gcode
  8. Convert the file to the KNP3D file format (x3g) and save to an SD card
  9. Print on KNP3D from SD with your choice of filament color
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  1. Waaaaoowwww Michele that was a project that almost combine all the materials together, LOL. It is AWESOME project and it looks sooo Great… TEERIFIC Job…

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