Vinyl, Paper, KNK

As a child I never played rock, paper, scissors and I never really learned how it was played. But I love to play  vinyl, paper,  KNK!

When I first got my KNK I cut strictly paper. I remember cutting little letters and delicate swirly things and then trying to glue them to paper without having glue all over my project. Then I found vinyl and it is now so easy!

This card was one of the first that I made. IMG_2181 I made it for a 60th Birthday card. The people who are now turning 60 were raised in the 60’s…you had to be there. :O)

IMG_2182 I find it easier to apply vinyl than to print  inside the card.

The next card was an “I can do that” card. I was so busy this year that I bought my cards at the store pre made. I know, I am so sorry but it was that or nothing. This card was the card that I bought just so I could make it.

IMG_2188 I scanned the card into the computer and then opened the scanned image with KNK Studio. I then used the scan tool and vectorized it. I then had my image. I cut the red background from Coredinations and then the bird from white vinyl, WooHoo…I did it. :O) I have a KNK Maxx and generally use between 36 and 40 force for vinyl and between 90 and 120 for paper depending on the type.

IMG_2189 And last but not least is a plaque I made. I uploaded the image by mistake and don’t know how to delete it so here it is. A simple design using PC Dazzle and Robo Passion Conflict font.


I want to say how thankful I am that I met Doreen (Emily’s mom) on line who told me about the KNK and told me to order it from Sandy McCauley. It has been one of my favorite parts of life so far. :O)

Here is a link to the three files in KNK format:

Sixties,Bird,Sister Files


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About Nancy

Hi. My name is Nancy and I live in Wisconsin. I have been married to Sam for 44 years and I am mom to 5 grown children. I also have 2 grandchildren , Gavin 12 and Hailey 9. We live in the country and have 2 dogs, a cat. I love making cards and paper piecing. I also enjoy making tiles.

36 thoughts on “Vinyl, Paper, KNK

  1. I love this, but I can’t get the files. I get “archive created free jZip. But no files! I’d love to get them, especially the “60’s” one. I have lots of victims for that one! LOL!

  2. Your cards are awesome, thanks for sharing them!! I think there are lot of groovy people hanging around on lists like this :).

    • It is the great thing about sites like this, they motivate us to make something or try something new.

  3. Love the bird and the idea of using vinyl on paper, never thought of that. And yes the zip file does not seem to be working. Thanks for sharing the idea!!!!

    • Michele, It is always fun for me when I can recreate something I see with out having to buy a special stamp, punch, etc. I think I have saved a ton of money by owning a KNK…not sure where that ton of money is but it wasn’t spent on stamps and punches. :O)

  4. I too just started using vinyl and love it. I did a toybox for my new grandson with layered images. They cut like butta.
    What a clever idea to scan and trace a premade card to get a design. Love it.

  5. Great job! Love the plaque. The cards are wonderful. It is so much easier to use the vinyl the gluing those small parts. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Loved the cards especially the 60’s. I still say cool all the time but gave up groovy ’cause you indeed did have to be there. The swirly bird is great. I’m still a paper
    person but I am going to have to move to vinyl one of these days. Thanks for sharing and for sharing your files.

    • Don’t think there are many people left that say “groovy”…kids now a days wouldn’t know the meaning.

  7. Nancy!!
    You are movin’ and groovin’—I do believe!!! You did a super job!! I noticed that your grandson’s name is Gavin—my son’s middle name is also Gavin—SUPER great name!! It means great vision:) I am very thankful to get to be a teammate of yours!! 🙂 I LOVE my Zing!! Well–I must get to ‘Zing’ing along!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  8. Nancy, how do you apply the words to cardstock? Do you use the tape stuff? I haven’t worked a lot with vinyl but have some ideas since I saw your projects…Thanks for sharing with us.

    • I use clear tranfer tape because I like to see precisely where I am putting it. With some cheaper grades of paper you need to use the masking tape type of transfer tape or when you apply the vinyl it will lift off parts of the paper. On a better grade of paper like coredinations you shouldn’t have that problem.

  9. My husband and his two best friends are turning 60 this year… how PERFECT this card will be! Now to decide if I give it to his best friend who turns 60 in a few days OR wait and give it to Bob. Your other two projects are terrific, too!

  10. I just love your cards…especially the one with the bird in the tree. Is there any way you could send that one in a different format?? I don’t have knk studio. At any rate.,…I love it.

  11. Thank you Nancy for sharing, I had no idea you could use vinyl on cards! I knew it was extremely popular now but I had no idea this was why! Your cards are all fun and beautiful, can’t wait till I can buy a KNK! ~Diane

  12. I want to use this…it is perfect but I cant access the file either. Has anyone been able to open it?

  13. I just rezipped and reuploaded. Sorry about that! For those who want it in MTC, maybe Nancy will convert them to PDF or EPS in KNK Studio and then I can redo the zip with a format that MTC will import. : )

  14. Sandy, the bird file still isn’t correct. It’s a shortcut instead of the file! Thanks!

  15. I’d love to have it in MTC or PDF format as well. DH turns 60 this year. Have to be nice about, I’m not far behind!

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