Vinyl Decal on Framed Prints

Sometimes a framed print or photo needs a little something to make it special. I have found that using a vinyl decal on the glass or frame can be just the trick to make it “pop”. It works well for adding identifying information to a photo, or giving a print a bit of a 3-D effect.

Vinyl-Enhanced Framed Prints

Vinyl-Embellished Framed Prints

Here are some examples of prints that I’ve embellished with vinyl decal text. For the photo of my granddaughters, I added the date and place that the photo was taken. The other two images are designs of mine. I simply left part of the image off when I printed them, and added that part as vinyl to the glass.

Below are some close-ups so you can take a look at the detail.

Close-up of vinyl on glass

Close-up of vinyl on glass


Framed print

Oracal 651 Vinyl

Clear Transfer Tape

KNK Zing with MTC software

Red Blade

Exacto Knife

Rubbing Alcohol




Force – 15

Offset – .35

Passes – 1



Choose the font and create text in MTC. A script type font is easiest as it can be welded and is easier to weed. Adding extra weeding lines is also helpful.

(Alternatively, I sometimes use a drawing tablet and freehand tool in Inkscape to create my own text. I then save it as an SVG and import into MTC.)

Cut text out of vinyl. Weed excess vinyl. Add clear transfer tape. Squeegee to make sure transfer tape is adhered.

Clean glass with rubbing alcohol.

Add vinyl decal to glass. Carefully use squeegee to remove bubbles. Remove transfer tape.

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