Vinyl + Charger Plates = Happy Holidays

Great minds think alike! My November projects were using charger plates. All of the designs came from the MTC software. I’m trying to learn as much about the software as I can and wondered about the “Gallery” button. If you haven’t used it, DO IT! There are some great images that come with the software. For the Thanksgiving ones, I used the turkey outline and the grapes. For the Christmas ones, I used the swirly tree, Christmas word tree and the Christmas candles. There are so many wonerful designs for us to use in the MTC software, I can’t wait to investigate more!

47 thoughts on “Vinyl + Charger Plates = Happy Holidays

    • Thanks Rhonda! I got the plates at Hobby Lobby for $2 and $4. Michael’s and AC Moore also have them. They have been painting on them. Vinyl looks so much better!

    • Barbie! You’re a GENIOUS! I’ve never known what those plates are supposed to be used for, BUT now I know what I can use it for! 😉

  1. Barbie, these are beautiful. I have some charger plates that are about to get a new life. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • You are welcome! I love all the designs in the MTC software and I have 10 gifts done for Thanksgiving and Christmas already! Easy, inexpensive and looks like an expensive gift!

  2. Barbie, these are wonderful. I made some for the kids with vinyl stickers for Halloween but they didn’t
    turn out this nice. Did you design all the designs yourself or use files from MTC? I’d love to know where you got the Merry Christmas one? I love the font that was used.

    • All the designs except the “Give Thanks” and “Happy Thanksgiving” are from the MTC software. They are all found in the gallery that comes with the software, tool bar at the top that has 9 little squares. I found it by accident, but am very happy I did! Isn’t that a cool Merry Christmas tree?

  3. Barbie, thanks for the info on where you purchased the chargers. Don’t you love Hobby Lobby? That place gets me in trouble!

    • Me too! I bought a ton of stuff in July to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lots of prepainted wooden pieces. When I went the other day, they had nothing! Merry Christmas tree. Love the designs!

  4. Barbie – these turned out beautiful. You are always working on so many things – I don’t know where you get your energy.

  5. GREAT job on these! I love working with vinyl and here is another GREAT idea!! THanks for sharing!
    love hugs and prayers
    Zing dealer 🙂

    • Thanks Carol. I love finding all the perks wthat came with the MTC software. So many new possibilities!

        • I actually used some of both since I didn’t have all the colors in one type. These will be for decoration only, but if you used permanent vinyl/outdoor vinyl you can wash them and use them.
          If having a party, it might be fun to decorate glassware to match the charger plate for each place.

  6. The Gallery is one of my favorite aspects of the MTC software. You have done a great job with these cuts! I love the plates—am thinking a great gift idea for fellow teachers.

  7. These are beautiful too! The vinyl looks wonderful. I can’t wait to get MTC to check it out.

    • Thanks! I was so excited when I found the gallery and what it offers. Hope others will catch on when they start using their Zing or MTC with the KNK. It works great with my Maxx.

    • Thanks! It was so much fun and I love how they turned out. Was so easy with the gallery files in MTC.

  8. Those are so cool. I can’t wait to get going on some holiday projects and I can’t wait for my Zing to arrive!

  9. These are just fabulous. I guess I should get busy with some for the holidays as well.

  10. It’s fun to get something looking so nice for such a reasonable cost. What great host/hostess gifts with a pile of cookies on them!

  11. What a great idea Barbie! These plates sure look all dressed up to celebrate a special occasion. Wouldn’t a little person love one with their name on it to celebrate their birthday?

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