Vintage Easter


My 15″ KNK Maxx Air plus my Make the Cut software make it so easy to create special cards for special occasions.  The Print and Cut feature in the Make the Cut software is one of my favorite features of that software.  I can take almost any image into the software and use the excellent tracing features to incorporate that image into my project.  For today’s post I chose a beautiful image of a vintage Easter post card which I found on the Graphic Fairy’s website.  This is how my Vintage Easter card looks.

Easter Card-Optimized

Materials Used:

Matte finish photo paper

Cardstock in yellow, light green, pink, and white

1/4″ double sided adhesive tape

Medium and dark chalk


Machine – 15″ KNK Maxx Air

Blade – Red Cap (Standard Material)

Force – 50 – 65 for the cardstocks and the photo paper

Speed – 80 -100

After finally settling on the image that I wanted to use, I downloaded it, and created a rectangle with rounded corners the size I wanted for the image on the front of the card.  Then I added the image as a texture to that rectangle.  Next I created 3 shadow layers for that rectangle.  Each shadow layer is 5 mm larger than the previous one.  One last shadow layer was created, again at 5 mm larger than the last one.  The largest shadow layer was duplicated, moved next to the one from which it was duplicated and the two welded to create the card base.

The layer with the image was cut using the Print and Cut function.  All of the others were cut using the knife point function.

After the card was assembled with the double sided tape, the edges were chalked with the brown chalks to further enhance the vintage look.


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