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When preparing for the recent KNK Retreat I found that using vinyl to enhance, decorate, and embellish items to be used at the retreat was easy and sometimes efficient. The items for which I used wall or indoor vinyl (Oracal 631) were the name tags that were worn by the attendees and the name tags or place cards that were on the tables in front of each attendee. Outdoor vinyl was used on plastic drinking glasses for each attendee.


This picture shows the table name tags. The base was cut from white cardstock with puple and blue cardstock layered for the mountains. The name and contoured layer behind the name are also cut from cardstock. The words “is Rockin’ in the Rockies” was cut from wall vinyl. The columbine blossom and humming bird were embroidered embellishments.


These are the name tags that were worn by the attendees. To me, the retreat theme of “Rockin’ in the Rockies” was logically associated with music and the idea of music lead me to CDs. The “logo” of mountains was engraved into the CDs and words and names cut from the wall vinyl and applied with vinyl transfer tape.


These drinking glasses were decorated/embellished with outdoor vinyl rather than the wall vinyl since the glasses would be exposed to soap and water when being washed. Again the mountain logo was used along with the retreat name as well as the location and dates. If I had been able to use the MTC conical warp feature at the time I made the files for these glasses it would have made it much easier to create the files so the lines appear straight when applied to the glass. The method I devised worked and is described in detaill in the PDF files that are available for this posting.

More details on the creation of the Table Name Tags and the CD Name Tags are also available in the associated PDF files.

Table Name Tags

CD Name Tags

Drinking Glasses

18 thoughts on “Versatile Vinyl

  1. I was lucky enough to get one of each of these! They turned out extremely well, and look amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, Judy!

    • You are welcome, Chad! We were the luck ones to have had you at the retreat for all three days! It was so great to meet you and your wife. You were a great help. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

  2. You did another super job providing the items for the retreat. So sorry I wasn’t able to attend. Quite inspiring.

  3. I have these also and will treasure them always and possibly be inspired by them for a future project. The detail in them is incredible. You are one special lady that is “Rockin’ in the Rockies” and a true professional.

    • Thanks, Lynn! It is such a blessing to have you as my friend. You freely share your ideas and inspirations. I am sure I have learned more about my KNK because of you.

  4. I too am a proud owner of each of these items. They are simply more incredible when seen in person. You all out did yourselves for the retreat! Thank YOU!

    • Thank you, Renae, for being a part of the retreat and thank you for your kind compliments! Cherrie and I were happy to be able to host this special retreat.

    • Thank you, Sandy for your kind comments! Making things for the retreat was a fun challenge. Thank you for all the work you did and all the knowledge you shared.

  5. the detail in this is so lovely. What a smart use of repeat motif in your designs that added continuity through out the give aways.

  6. Oh Judy!!!! I was scrolling back to see past posts and came upon this….Oh what a fun filled weekend!!! I wish I could turn back time to enjoy it one more time! I had an awesome time with an awesome class and of course, instructor! Thanks for all the work you put in to get this all made for us. Everytime I see my tumbler, I think of all of you!!
    BIG HUGS…Kathy

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