Valentine’s Subway Art

Ever since I saw my first subway art, I’ve been hooked. These designs are from My Vinyl Designer. The two are from 2 different collections.  The small Princess saying is from a different collection. I added heart shaped stones to the crown, which I copied from another MVD file. I did it as a gift for my niece, but it’s hard to read.
All the frames are floating frames, so the words look like they were attached to wall. Several things to look out for: Cheaper floating frames show the hanger through the words. Also, be sure you put the vinyl on in the right direction. I made that mistake twice.
i used pink glittery vinyl for the Valentines saying and red vinyl for the February saying. The Princess plaque was done in pink holographic and silver vinyl.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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About Barbie469

I am a 3 machine KNK owner. I started with the "Yella Fella" and now own 3 (Groove-e, 24" Maxx and a 15" Maxx). I mainly cut rhinestone designs and vinyl for various projects. I also use it for scrapbooking and cards.

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Subway Art

  1. Love your subway art, Barbie. I’d like to do a floating frame also but need to do more research. Yours are charming. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good job! I’m glad you mentioned putting the phrases on in the right direction…I could see me doing that

  3. Great job, Barbie. Thanks for the hint on the frame hanger. Those are the kind of things that I usually have to learn the hard way. 🙂

  4. We’re in need of some more pictures and art for our house. This give’s me some ideas! Thanks Barbie.

  5. Those are great! I like the see through frames. I am fascinated with the subway art but haven’t done anything with it yet. Thanks for the reminder that I want to do it.

  6. Hi Barbie,
    I’m thinking of doing one of these, what size is the frame you used? How did you line it up so perfectly? Also where within the 2 frames do you place the vinyl? How did you get it on there so smoothly? Thanks!
    love hugs and prayers

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