{Valentine’s Day Mailbox…

Hello Bloggie readers!

How are you?

Before I start this post, I want to preface this by saying that I’m seriously throwing my glue gun away. I can’t master the thing, I burn the h-e-double-hockeysticks out of my fingers every time I do it and I end up making a big mess. So my original project got thrown across the room and I decided on this one, pulling out a roll of scor-pal tape to use instead. Much easier, it doesn’t burn, though I believe I had a few pieces stuck in my hair by the time I was finished. Whew. Those run-on sentences make me tired.

I still may re-attempt my other project and seeing as you will be seeing me twice this week, I’d better get something going. Because I don’t wait until the last minute….

Oh, no, not me.


So did I lose you?

Drum roll please….

I figured out how to watermark my photos in Lightroom. I am feeling like big stuff at the moment. Girl spawn informed me that if I don’t watermark my pictures someone might steal them. I’m not sure who would want to steal my pictures, but I promised her I would figure out how to do it. She said, “Look, I’ll show you.” She’s twelve.

Anyway, back to the project. I thought it would be a fun gift to make a little mailbox and then make a little set of matching notecards to store inside for a gift.

Here it is with the door open. Isn’t it purrrtyyy?

Door closed. (Are you just about ready to smack me upside the head and say, “You know, I can see. I don’t need you to tell me what I can already see.”)

Close up of pretty flower. I do have to point out my leaf is a little boogered because I am using a blade that’s over 6 months old and if you use really “pulpy” (don’t know how else to describe it) papers with a dull blade, you will get snags. I was going to tell you I did that on purpose. Texture. Yeah, that’ s it. Actually I just need to sand the edge a little bit and it will be fine. See? No problem.

I know, I need to just put the new blade in already. I like to use that thing until I can’t use it nooooo more. And look at the rest of the cuts, they’re just fine. Sometimes I think humidity and other factors affect the paper as well. I needed to use the world win papers I get from the KNK website. That paper cuts like butter no matter what condition my blade is in. That purple paper is cheap stuff that I’m trying to get rid of.


Matching card.

Different angle of matching card.

Just for the record, I did not cut the scalloped edges on that card. It was pre-made. Maybe they were using a dull blade as well.

I picked up the mailbox from http://www.svgcuts.com and the flower came from http://www.letteringdelights.com. I can’t remember which set it came from. Boy I’d be in big trouble if I were on a design team somewhere and had to describe which products I use.

That’s why I am only on this one. All I have to tell you is I cut it out on my spectacular KNK Maxx machine and you are either thinking, “Whoa, I gotta get me one of those.” or “Whoa, I already have one.”

or even, “Whoa, this chick is really strange.”

It’s okay. I embrace my weirdness. It’s all good.

Thanks for listening, I mean reading, and have a fantastic day.

As Fred, the KNK dealer with the cute Australian accent always says, “Happy Cutting!”

(I don’t say it nearly as cute as he does).

He probably isn’t going to appreciate that I just called his accent cute.

But it is, so there.



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14 thoughts on “{Valentine’s Day Mailbox…

  1. LOL Yet another great post and a great project. Thanks Deb! The candy heart paper is a nice touch! 😛

  2. Love it! I have that mail box set, and I’m gonna give it a go…I hope mine turn out as cute as yours did!

  3. fanTASTIC lady!!! …I meant the project, although I’m sure you are as well. hehehe
    Love the pretty paper and the heart shaped embellies. Betcha your girl child…I would never refer to someone else’s child as spawn, that is the parents job, or unless there no other words to describe them, then I would….but in this case, I’m most certain she’s not…lol. As I was saying: I betcha your girl child loves it and has claimed this as hers! 🙂
    Great Job Deb!

    • Hee hee. She’s actually a good child most of the time. I call them my punks or my spawns with lots of love. 🙂

      Though she is turning into a teenager so spawn might be more fitting in the next few years.

  4. Very cute! Like decorating pre-made cards so I can get more done. I have a friend that makes cards for a children’s group at chuch to give their parents. This would be a great idea to give her! TFS

  5. love it, would love to make that mailbox for the grand piglets for their Valentine parties at school..well if they still have them..this day and age who knows…and the middle one wouldn’t…he’s in middle school and they have a dance instead…and the oldest wouldn’t, she’s in high school. So just pigleta would..but could still make them for each child for the heck of it 🙂

  6. I love Valentine’s boxes and always have. This was is so much fun, as was the creative story process to make it. You are so entertaining. Very creative idea.

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