Valentines Day is days away

Not too many years ago I would send out a handmade Valentine to all my nieces and nephews and then to my great nieces and nephews. Now, I am lucky if I get cards done for my 2 grandkids. It isn’t about time, it is about not having it in me. Some of you know that I lost my youngest son 10 years ago. He had a severe disability so for 22 years he was my life. When he passed it was a blessing for him, but not for me. And that piece of my heart that is missing is the part that can’t handle things like Christmas, decorating for holidays, etc.  But it is slowly making it’s way back, I almost feel “normal”. My grandson, Gavin was 2 at the time my son passed, he will be 13 in July. He was the little guy who made bad days brighter. Gavin loves pugs. And when I took Gavin and his sister Hailey to the store the other day they were eyeing up the big Hershey kisses. Hence this card.


And yes, I will be getting Hershey’s kisses to go with the card.




clear transfer tape

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15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

force 36

speed 500

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    • Thanks Colleen! You were another person who helped me get through the last 10 years and it means the world!

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