Valentine’s Day Garlands


Use your Klic-N-Kut to create Valentine’s Day garlands!  Here are three examples:

Heart Garland:

  • Create a heart by welding 2-circles to a triangle.  After sizing the heart to approximately 2″ in height, use the Transform > Inline function to create a total of 3 nested hearts.
  • Use the Layout > Array function to fill a 12×12 blank size with nested hearts.
  • Cut one sheet of nested hearts from Brick Red Cardstock and one sheet of printed paper.
  • Set aside the middle nested heart and use the large cardstock hearts with the small printed paper hearts and vice versa.
  • Use your sewing machine to chain stitch hearts together.


Be Mine Garland:

  • Fill a 12×12 page with the letters: B E M I N E in Times New Roman Bold Font.  Everything will fit once you turn the “I” 90 degrees.
  • Create an arrow using the Arrow Shape Tool, the Square Shape Tool with the Slant function and then welding the two slanted rectangles to the arrow.
  • Create a heart by welding 2-circles to a triangle.
  • Connect the letters and arrows using glue and floss and embellished the hearts with a 4mm clear jewel.

X O Garland:

  • Use the font AIR with the letters X and O.
  • Fill a 12×12 page with X and cut 2 sheets.
  • Fill a 12×12 page with O and break path to remove the center of the O.  Cut 2 sheets.
  • Layer two X’s and stitch together, next layer two O’s and chain stitch, continuing until all letters are used.
  • Fold the letters to create dimension.

I keep my 15″ KNK Maxx settings at Overcut 15 & Trailing Blade 20 because I only use my machine to cut paper.

See other projects I’ve created with my KNK on the KNK Gallery on my website at susan mast designs

Supply List:

  • Printed Papers: Cloud9 Design Multipack [71381]
  • Bazzill Cardstock: Brick [T2-270]
  • Bazzill Jewels: Clear 4mm [303333]
  • Bazzill Floss: French Vanilla [302701]


  • Times New Roman
  • Air

23 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Garlands

  1. Very nice. Did it take you a long time to cut everything? I like it and would be nice hanging for a candle lit dinner. TFS

  2. I like the idea of using the sewing machine in a different way. (Especially since I haven’t sewn anything for awhile!)

  3. Thanks for taking time to comment on my post! You guys are too kind! 😀

    @Tam – No, it did not take much time at all. I only cut 9 sheets to make all 3 banners! I already had a vision of what I wanted to do. I sat down on Thursday evening and created all three cutting files, assembled the pieces and posted my project in a total of 3 hours!

  4. What a cute idea! I may have to make some of these. And thank you for posting it so much before the holiday so I have time to make them.

  5. It always works better when you have an idea of what you want especailly if it goes according to plan.

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