Valentine MailBox

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This is the first Valentine’s Day for my granddaughter, Carlea, so I decided to make something special for her. This mailbox and many of other items in this post feature the printable vinyl from

The mailbox was so simple to do! Just measure your mailbox, design something special, print it, cut it, and attach it to your mailbox! I also cut the big flower on my Groove-e!

valentine, mailbox, knk

I would like to share other things that I made for her birthday, too, where I used printable vinyl and my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e machine.

Decoracion Carlea

I used the Groove-e to add decorations to the castle show above (Click on the photo to bring up a much larger version to see the details!. I added her name, flowers, and hearts cut with my cutter and I added six pictures of her (these were pictures taken during her first twelve months of life).

Carlea plastic ba This was using Printable vinyl from

I hope you like my post. The possibility of using KNK cutters and products like the printable vinyl are endless. I use my KNK Groove-e for everything, always finishing my projects using my WONDERFUL cutter.




29 thoughts on “Valentine MailBox

  1. Oh wow, that is fantastic, so beautiful!! What a little princess she is!! Nice work, Gramma!! What printer do you have, I have not tried the printable vinyl yet!

  2. wonderful projects. haven’t seen anything done with the printable vinyl yet so this was a nice introduction to it. thank you for sharing all your great ideas!

    • Norma, working with printable vynil is very easy and fun. You just has to use it like a regular paper.

  3. Wow, Omayra! You really outdid yourself on that birthday party! Fantastic! And I love your Valentine mailbox. It makes me smile when I see how much you’re enjoying your little princess. She’s a doll!

    • Thank you for your comment Rhonda. It is true, I think that she is mine, LOL. I have thousands of photos of her. She is my model, LOL

  4. Love the mailbox, Omayra. You always have such unique ideas. That little granddaughter of yours is one very lucky little girl.
    What a neat castle idea. Love the pics too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What fun projects! I love how you have done everything with the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Omayra!!!
    You are so awesome!! I just love how your heart shines so brightly through your creations!! You are an inspirations to all in the crafting world!!! I look forward to the op to use some of the printable vinyl—vinyl is so awesome to use with our awesome KNK machines that I kNOw the printable vinyl has got to be to the moon and back!! Oh and last but not least—your little darlin is so very precious!!! hugs and kisses! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  7. Everything is so beautiful. Some of the decorations look rather large, what size does the printable vinyl come in?

  8. WOW..Ambitious I can say that and I love the decorations and all the stuff is over the top. Very pretty. I am doing a little mailbox like that for my grand daughter for Valentines Day. TFS

  9. Wow. What a lucky girl she is. I have this vinyl and forgot all about it…thanks for reminding me…I think I see some Raven’s football bumper stickers in our future since I was not looking forward to layering vinyl. This will do perfectly, just place on top of magnetic paper.

  10. Wow, these are gorgeous! I have not heard of the Groove e machine as yet, I will have to check this one out too! ~Diane

  11. I was just asked to create some leprachans for St.Patrick’s Day. I’m thinkig printable vinyl may be the way to go.

  12. I love your mailbox! My friend did one too and it was very nice too. Will you share your flower cut file and directions? I love that too.

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