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We are ready for our Unleash the Magic Retreat from KNK. It is going to be a retreat full of Classes, information, surprises and  the most important thing is to meet new people and have a great time together.

Omayra, Tshirt, KNK,

Glitter Flex II Material is an easy way to add Glitter to your Garments. This material is really easy to use and cuts very nice with your cutter machine. This iron-on transfer has a backing that will act as your transfer tape. This also will work as a heat protection layer, which will not be cut, so this can serve as the mat during cutting. The weeding process is very smooth  but I recommend to be patience and do it slowly with the process so your project comes out clean and neat.

Omayra, Tshirt, KNK,


Settings (Groove-e):

  • F = 18
  • V = 150


  1. Cut your design with your cutter machine. Remember to reverse or mirror your image before cutting.
  2. Set your Heat Press to 330°F. I set my Heat Press to 166°C because mine run in Celsius.
  3. Preheat your T-shirt with your heat press before placing the vinyl on it.
  4. I used a firm even pressure for 20 seconds. I always recommend to make a test on an old T-shirt before applying it to your actual project.
  5. After your Design has been heat pressed, remove or peel the backing while is still hot.
  6. If you want to make your T shirt more  attractive, then fold it in half and cut off the bottom  base of the T-shirt.
  7. Then cut both the front and back of the T-shirt at the same time, making fringes.
  8. You can stop here and leave the T-shirt in this step OR you can make knots on the  fringes for a better look.
  9. Then do the same with the sleeves and you are done.




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