I had someone contact me to make some canvases for their nursery. She told me she was having rare mono/mono twins. They share the same sac and placenta. But this makes them at high risk for strangulation with the umbilical cords. She has been on bed rest for 5 weeks and will be having the girls tomorrow at 32 weeks. Last week they already weighed 3 and 4 pounds so they think that they should do ok once they are born.


11×14 canvases


Spray paint


15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 40

Speed 450

She wanted the canvases patterned. I painted the 2 canvases light pink

chevron stripe

IMG_4121 Then, using the array feature I made rows of circles and offset them. I cut them from vinyl IMG_4122   and applied them to the canvas.

IMG_4123 Then I spray painted the canvas a darker pink

IMG_4124 And when the paint was dry to the touch I used my exacto knife to lift the vinyl circles.

IMG_4125 Then I let it sit for 24 hours. I have found that vinyl does not life fresh paint so the longer the better.

I then cut the initial and name of dark gray vinyl and applied it to the canvas.

For the chevron stripe I used the snap to grip feature and made the chevron stripe and then used array to get it spaced evenly. I then followed the same process with paint, vinyl, paint, vinyl.

IMG_4132 IMG_4134 IMG_4133 IMG_4136

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  1. Wow Nancy you outdid yourself this time! Love these and the instructions! Thank you! What kind of paint? Care to share the chevron pattern? My daughter Grace wants chevron

  2. Beautiful project!!! In my country, the names Piper and Paisley are uncommon, although with Violet and Ann, they sound so sweet!

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