Turtle Tote



So I have some new pets. This is Chum the Bum: IMG_0001


And this is Luke Skywalker:


They are musk turtles. I recently acquired an aquaponics tank where you plant something on top of the tank and the nasty aquarium water feeds the plants and the plants clean the water and drop it back in the tank. It’s actually a cool little set up. I decided I wanted turtles though, and I knew nothing about them.

P.S. I didn’t name them, my 2nd graders did since they live in my classroom. Note that I veto’d the name Gummy Bear. I was not naming my turtle Gummy Bear.

Luckily, a lady at work knew a ton about turtles and she and her husband helped me set up the tank, plant the flowers and order the turtles (I bought them online, who knew??)

So I decided to make her a little gift. I apologize for the crummy pictures, I thought my post was due next Friday and I got a little reminder today (Thursday night) that it was actually today. D’oh.




This is a Lettering Delights file http://www.letteringdelights.com/clipart:snips_snails_and_turtle_tales-13662.html

and I thought it would be perfect to use as a note card holder. IMG_0006


Of course the cards have little turtles on the front. I forgot to take a picture of them, but it was just a silhouette turtle file I had in my collection.

Anyway, I hope she likes it. I know the Minions and I are enjoying Chum and Luke. They are funny little guys. They still hide from us a lot, but as they get used to us (and figure out we are the ones that feed them), I have a feeling they will become more social.

P.S. I’m aware of the salmonella issue, so the Minions aren’t allowed to touch the turtles (anyway I discovered the hard way Luke Skywalker bites) and I only grow flowers, not vegetables or anything edible in the plant area.


KNK Zing


(force: 110, speed 10/10, 1 pass)

card stock: patterned paper from DCWV and green paper from my scrap stash. Most likely  Colormates, since that’s my favorite stuff.

file: Lettering Delights (see link above)


4 thoughts on “Turtle Tote

  1. Great project, Deb! This reminds me of my childhood turtles. I named them Pete and Howey. One of them liked to climb this little plastic ladder and then balance on top of it. When I told my father, he didn’t believe me. I bet him $50 and, of course, won the bet.

  2. Very cool Deb. My grandson would love turtles. Love the turtles, love the project.

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