Turning a hobby into a business

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This is absolutely true and it’s funny that I should mention an expression at the start of my post. Or maybe it isn’t so funny.

The truth is that my friend and I are both looking for work and since we weren’t finding much because we are both in our 50s, one of us doesn’t speak French (which is a necessity in Québec) and neither of us have a university degree, which is what everybody seems to want, we decided to make our own jobs.

My friend started brainstorming. Her husband told her she would find something right before her eyes. Sure enough, it WAS right in front of her eyes.

She has a beautiful home and has used vinyl decals with expressions as decorations in her home. She thought about me and the fact that I have a KNK cutter, experience cutting vinyl, nearly 1,000,000 fonts, and lots of ideas. She called me up and we started brainstorming and that day we decided to start own business as a partnership.

So you see, having a KNK cutter isn’t only for hobbies, or for fun — it can be a source of income.

We were very lucky because she is friends with the publisher of a local newspaper. When he heard about our venture, he suggested sending a reporter to conduct an interview with us and the article is in today’s paper!

The pictures show below show some of the samples I have been working on for our business.





We have Facebook pages at Vinyl Expressions and Cutting Edge Designs if you are interested in seeing what we have done.

Oh, and BTW, we have had our first paying order 🙂

21 thoughts on “Turning a hobby into a business

  1. Wow, love the design and the color and applying it in a frame. I’m thinking you both will be very, very successful. Congrats on your first order.

  2. Karin, what a great story and congratulations on turning your hobby into a source of income. How many people can actually say that they have actually done what you did — earn some kind of living with something they LOVE doing.

    Again, congratulations.

  3. WAOW, WAOW, That is so beautiful. I am so happy for both of you, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Congratulations on your new adventures.

  4. This would be such a great gift for so many different occasions! Good luck to both of you on your new venture. I hope your business is a huge success!

  5. While starting a new business can be scary, I think you gals are going to do very well in yours. Love the color and the font for the K. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Congratulations – it is a bit scary starting something like this — all the luck to you!

  7. That is so cool. I am very glad that you are taking lemons and making lemonade. Best of Luck!!!

  8. congratulations! love this project and the color is fantastic. I started with my first cutter for fun and personal enjoyment and since I got my Zing I have had so many calls for things nobody else can do. Cutter has paid for itself and beyond. I just love working with paper and vinyl. best of luck to you both. will be sure to visit you on facebook.

  9. You inspired me to start my own little business! And I’ve got my first three orders for etching and tiles, as well as a promise from an acquaintance that does lots of weddings and showers. She says she will order with each upcoming wedding and shower!

    • We have decided that our friendship is much more important than any business so we will do business separately and help each other instead. My friend will pursue the vinyl business on her own, and I will continue with what I have been doing — my day job (translation) and YouTube videos 🙂 We absolutely don’t want business to get in the way of our friendship.

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