Tracing a Baby Shower Invitation for Print and Cut (Enlace para Versión SCAL4 en Epañol)

Tracing a Baby Shower Invitation for Print and Cut

This is an invitation that I made for this tutorial only. In this tutorial, we will be tracing an invitation for a baby shower as well as printing and cutting it.The invitation was done in PowerPoint using some files from MTC. After making it, I then imported and traced it in MTC and/or SCAL4. All the information on that invitation is, however, false and completely made up.

Tracing a Baby Shower Invitation for Print and Cut


Settings KNK Groove-e:

  • Blade = Red
  • F = 9
  • S= 150


  1. First, I opened MTC and searched in the gallery for an airplane as well as a baby. After selecting the ones that I liked I then combined both files to put the baby on top of the airplane.
  2. Once the file was done, I then opened it in PowerPoint to make the invitation. This was very simple and easy just applying Copy and Paste.
  3. In PowerPoint, I just went to Insert>Shapes and chose Thought Buble: Cloud. I resized the cloud to be 5×7, which will be the size of my invitation.
  4. After that, I went to Format Shape and filled the cloud with a picture.
  5. Finally, I placed the airplane that I brought from MTC where I saw fit, in this case, it was one of the corners of the cloud.
  6. Once the invitation was done, I imported the file to MTC in order to make the tracing.

Tracing Process:

  1. Go to Pixel trace icon
  2. Select the image to be traced and Click Open
  3. Then, I adjusted the Threshold to 206, Resample Image to 1.5
  4. Checked Mark on Texturize Path and Blackout Path
  5. Then, Apply Changes
  6. Import
  7. Finish Tracing
  8. After that, I Copy and Paste in Place 
  9. I added the Reg Marks 
  10. Finally, I proceeded to make the Print and cut

Video en Español  utilizando SCAL4 para el trazado y la máquina KNK Force para el corte