Tis the Season

So this morning we woke up to our first significant snowfall. We had about 6″ of snow last night and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The scary thing is, with 2 weeks to go I haven’t written a card, the tree is up but with lights only, and not a girft has been purchased. But, somehow, it will get done. :O)


I have three things to share today. One is a simple ornament that I made using the shape feature in KNK Studio.It is simple circles and for the nose I made a triangle and used the arrange/ convert to polyarc to round it a bit. I cut the circle from coredinations white paper using 90 pressure on my KNK Maxx. I then cut the face from vinyl (available at www.knkusa.com ) using 36 pressure and applied it to the circle. I glued 2 circles together and ran it through my Cuttlebug with a snowflake embossing folder. Add a ribbon and you have a cute little ornament.

The second is a purchased file and I wish I could remember where I purchased it from to give credit. I cut a piece of green burlap and covered the back of a frame with it. Then I cut the file from black vinyl and applied it to the glass of the frame. Such a simple process that could be used in so many ways.

The last thing is something I saw on pintrest. I thought it was neat and knew that I could recreate it in KNK Studio. It was so simple to do and once the file was designed it was a simple matter of cutting it from Vinyl and applying it to a floor tile.

Here’s the Snowman file in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats: Snowman Ornament

And here is the Love tile file, also in KNK, MTC, and SVG formats: Love Is Quote

I hope that each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas filled with love and Family. There are so many people in our KNK world who have become very dear friends, one more reason why I love my KNK Maxx.

37 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. Buuuur! lol Looks chilly out!

    I really miss seeing snow during the holiday season. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. Love the ornament, the frame and the tile!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice projects. If u remember where you got the wise men email me. I could use it on a charger. TFS.

  3. Great job! Hadn’t thought about the frame idea, but I may “borrow” that for a few gifts this year. The ornament is great. I’m always looking to things to put on my tiles as gifts and this is perfect. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I think the wise men set came from My Vinyl Designer. They have several that look like this.

  4. Thanks for sharing the great ideas. I’ll have to get busy and create some things.
    The snow is beautiful! I wish it was here as well, all we have is gray and gloomy.

  5. Great projects, Nancy, and great gift ideas! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I got one of the files uploaded and linked for you. If you locate the other, just email it to me and I’ll be happy to convert to SVG and MTC and get it uploaded and linked, as well. : )

  6. Nancy,
    What great ideas! We haven’t had snow yet, yours looks beautiful! I know it’s not so beautiful to live with! I was wondering whether vinyl would stick to canvas, do you know? And which kind? Have a present in mind like your last project, but it would not fit on a tile. Thanks, Sandy

    • The subway are birth announcement a few posts back was “indoor vinyl” on a painted canvas. It stuck to the canvas just fine. I used Rustoleum Painters Touch Spray paint on the canvas and it was wonderful.

  7. I really like the frame and vinyl on top. It looks like a pretty fast and easy. I will have to try a few for last minute gifts.
    Thank you for the great ideas.

  8. Great ideas, Nancy!!! I like the framed vinyl, it is a great idea. Thanks for sharing the files.

  9. great idea to use burlap behind the wise men! love it. also like the little snowman ornie. haven’t tried a tile yet but yours is lovely. also got some snow today, first of the season, could live without it myself. seen enough of it over the years! just got the decorations on my tree too, been up for a week with just lights. you will get there! I do have my gifts done but make most of them so not much shopping for me! thanks for sharing your projects.

  10. I live in ND, and we just got 5 inches of snow. Even though it is cold, I love snow for Christmas. Loved the pic, too.
    Loved all the great projects, Nancy, but the wise men is my favorite. I did indeed locate the file at My Vinyl Designer.com.
    Here is a link for those who want it.


    It doesn’t want to link in blue but you can copy and paste. I’m off to purchase it now. It is a great idea. Thanks for sharing and for sharing your files.

    • I don’t want snow any time especially at Christmas. It’s ruined Christmas before because family couldn’t get to where they needed/wanted to be. 🙁

  11. Nancy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for these BEAUTIFUL files!! I LOVE both of them, but especially the LOVE one! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Deb, I have used both indoor and outdoor vinyl, both from http://www.KNKUSA.com and Oracal 631 and 651 and never ha\d a problem. I prefer outdoor vinyl as it seems stronger. Make sure your tile is clean. I wipe mine down with rubbing alcohol. It makes a huge difference, I can tell if I forget.

  12. Now I can do some things for me. I think I’ll make the LOVE tile.
    And boy, have we gotten some snow! About 8 inches.

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