Time Out

I had a friend ask me if I could make her a timeĀ  out chair for her granddaughter for Christmas. Really? A time out chair for Christmas? I don’t think I have ever saw a time out chair on any child’s Christmas list. But seeing she had already ordered the chair from IKEA I agreed to do the vinyl. :~)

IMG_4438 This is the chair, it is plastic and seems sturdy.



The file for this chair will be at the end of the post.


Chair from IKEA




red capped blade

force 45

Speed 400

IMG_4475 IMG_4477 IMG_4476 IMG_4474

There is room on the top left of the chair to attach a kitchen timer.

Time out chair team knk


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8 thoughts on “Time Out

  1. Getting a time out chair for Christmas is even worse than getting underwear for a kid. Lol! But you certainly made it look cute!

  2. Chair turned out great…I agree, really a time out chair for Christmas…maybe a parenting course for the parents??

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