Tiles are so easy to make, are great gifts, and are relatively inexpensive. I usually get  my tiles at Home Depot and have learned to make sure that they are American made. I have also bought some great tiles at ReStore, the Habitat for Humanity resale shop.

The first tile was a saying that I saw online. It was printed and framed. Well, you know that when you have a KNK your mind works differently. You not only see the saying but you immediately scrutinise the font. I didn’t note what font I used, but it was a basic font that came with KNK Studio. I typed Believe in Yourself, did an outline of  Be and You to make them bolder than the rest of the letters, and then cut out the saying.  This tile is a 3×6 tile and the embellishment is from an embellishment set from My Vinyl Designers. I usually make a rectangle the same size as my tile when designing tiles so that I can make sure that everything is the right size and in the right place prior to cutting.

This tile is also a result of a tile that I saw online. Generally tiles come in basic earthy neutral colors. But, add some alcohol ink and you have color!

I used Adirondack Cranberry,Eggplant,and Wild Plum. Because I have had alcohol inks rub off metal before  I used my embossing heat gun to heat set the ink because I was told that would help. I also sprayed it with a clear Matte spray. This did alter the way the alcohol ink looked prior to spraying. It may have worked better if I had sprayed a very fine mist several times. I am fortunate that my husband has a drill press so I use that to drill my tiles for hanging.

I used CentB font for the large L and Passion Conflict for Lilly.  


19 thoughts on “Tiles!

  1. Love these tiles! And I never would have thought about being able to color them. I learn something new with each new project that is posted. Thanks!

  2. Love doing tiles and yours look super! I really like the use of alcohol inks. Will have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing another great idea!

    • I have also used the alcohol inks to “color” things on a tile. One was a tile with a pumpkin on it and I used alcohol ink to color the inside of the pumpkin.

  3. I am always amazed at what you do with vinyl. I don’t use it because I am afraid it will peel off over time. Can you give me an idea of how long they will last?

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Intermediate vinyl has a life expectancy of about 3 – 5 years outdoors, (being hit with sun, rain, winter weather), but inside you could expect much longer than that! I’ve had vinyl indoors that looks like the first day it was applied, and that was about 6 years ago 😛

    • My daughter has a tile that I made her using Oracal 631 which is considered inside vinyl. She has had it outside for almost 4 years and it still looks great.

    • I used Adirondack, it is fairly inexpensive. It is under $10 for a 3 pack and if you have a 40% off coupon it helps. I use a Jim Holtz felt applicator but if you don’t mind getting dirty a scrap of white felt would work. I put a couple drops of each color on the felt and then just start dabbing until the tile is covered. I have had the ink for several years now and still have over half of each bottle left.

  4. What a great job!! The other thing I want to try with tiles is decopauging (sp) photos onto tiles and then putting some vinyl on top of that. I think it would look so neat with b/w pictures and black or white vinyl…

  5. I really liked the saying and the colors of your colored tiles, Nancy. I need to learn to do that and give some of them as gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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