They’re Back! Those Wascally Wabbits!

When I posted my Easter Banner on February 22nd, I kept thinking of how cheerful and fun those rabbits are.  That set the brain in motion and I decided that photos of those rabbits and their eggs could be used for an Easter card. 

I had scanned each of the embroidered rabbits prior to adding the colored egg shaped borders so those were the pictures I started with.  Using Make The Cut, I copied the large egg shaped border from the banner file and resized it much smaller.  The scanned photos were resized in Adobe Photoshop Elements and then imported into MTC as textures and placed behind the borders that were already there.  The borders were colored to match the colors used in the banner.  An additional layer was made for each egg shape that was used to cut around the outside of the egg. 

Using the Print and Cut feature of MTC and my KNK Maxx, I printed three sets of the eggs on a 5″ x 7″ sheet of photo paper, closed the texture and border layers, and cut out the egg shapes with the additional layers that I had created.  Then I created an egg shape that was just a bit larger than the eggs that I had cut from the photo paper and cut those from solid colored card stock to be used to recreate the look of the piping on the fabric eggs on the banner.

Since I had hung my banner from a tree limb, I wanted the eggs on the card to be hung from a tree limb also.  I used my pencil tool in KNK Studio software to draw a tree and then clamped a Pilot Razor Point pen into the blade holder clamp on my KNK Maxx and drew my trees on velum paper.  I drew the trees in reverse on what I used as the back side of the velum so they would be a bit muted.  Then I used some alcohol inks and colored in the trees using a small paint brush also on the back side of the velum.

As I looked though many pieces of clip art to try to find a background to print on the front of the card, I discovered that I didn’t like any that had any amount of detail on them because it would detract from the eggs.  Finally I created a gradient file in Adobe Photoshop Elements that has blue at the top, very pale yellow in the center, and green at the bottom and printed that on the front of the cards.

My next challenge was to find ribbons for the ties on the eggs.  After too many stores and too much time, I decided to take light colored ribbon that I had and dye them with alcohol inks.  It worked like a charm and I was able to match the colors I wanted.

Then, I used my KNK Maxx and another Pilot Razor Point pen, I ‘wrote’ the sentiment on the inside of the cards.

So after tying bows, coloring trees, writing words, cutting eggs and egg shapes, this is what I had.

I assembled each egg, it’s card stock backing and ribbon into a unit thinking it would be easier to glue them onto the card if they were one thing rather than multiple pieces.  And for me, that worked well.  I used a glue pen to adhere the eggs to their backing and then used  Beacon Fabri-Tac adhesive to attach the ribbon and bow to the egg.  The Fabri-Tac also was used for the final assembly of attaching the eggs with their ribbons in place on the tree limb and a thin line of it was used at the fold of the card to attach the velum to the card.

Here is the finished card.


As I was planning the card, I kept thinking of people that I would like to send one to and ended up making 19 card.  Here they all are!


This basic idea of suspending shapes with photos from ribbons and bows could be adapted to many holidays, celebrations, and occasions.  A framed family tree could be created using a variation of this idea.  There are so many ways to use our KNK cutters and the KNK Studio and Make The Cut software to create something special.


30 thoughts on “They’re Back! Those Wascally Wabbits!

  1. Judy! Another adorable and fun idea! You make it all look so easy! Thanks for sharing!
    love hugs and prayers

    • Thanks, Carol! The difficult part is decidiing what and how, not the doing which as you know isi made easy with our software and KNK cutters.

  2. Precious! Love the look. I’ve just finished a large family tree and this idea would have made it easier. Maybe for my next one. Thanks for a great project!

    • Thanks, Barbie!! LIke you, I think it is fun to be able to create more than one project from what started out as just one idea.

    • Thanks, Nancy! As someone who makes lots of cards, you know that time doesn’t matter when you are creating something special and fun.

  3. Judy, this is way over the top. I love it! Thanks for sharing some of those ideas you have “rumbling around in your head”.

  4. WOW! This is an amazing looking card! Anyone receiving one of these cards should surely appreciate the amount time, effort and thought gone into them.

    Thanks for sharing, Judy!

    • Thanks, Chad!! I’m glad I can make things which show people how much fun it is to use our KNK software and cutters and that you can get great results.

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  6. Judy, I cannot believe you do all this creative stuff and find time to sleep. Wowsers. Love these cards.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Lynn! I always manage to find time to sleep and eat. A few other things go by the wayside though!

    • Thank you Jeannie! It is fun to be able to use the designs in more than one way. Hope I can give others a bit of inspiration.

    • Thanks, Deb! It is great to be able to “show off” our creations on this site.

  7. Judy that looks so delicate. Those cards are amazing. I think that you had such a great time doing it. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Judy-

    This is super cute. What a lot of thought and good design to make a card any one would save and show off for years to come.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I hope that at least some of the recipients think they are special.

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