Seashell Cupcake Wrappers – Free Cutting Files


These cupcake wrappers were designed for a beach wedding. The files were created in the KNK Studio software. The paper used is scrapbook paper. The picks were created by cutting a seashell double then folding in in half and glueing it to a toothpick. In order to emphasize the detail cut lines in the wrappers and picks I wanted to chalk them and to make sure the “chalk” was food safe, I used cinnamon. Using the KNK Studio software I can create cupcake wrappers with any theme, including names, that I want.

To download these new cupcakewrappers, locate the Cupcake Seashell files here:

Cupcake_Seashell in KNK Format

Cupcake_Seashell in SVG Format

Cupcake_Seashell in AI Format

Additional cupcake wrappers can be seen at:

37 thoughts on “Seashell Cupcake Wrappers – Free Cutting Files

  1. Judy, these are spectacular! Your detail, emphasized with cinnamon is a wonderful idea. It sends my mind spinning to what else I can use from the kitchen, like cocoa. They actually look too pretty to eat. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynn! Thanks for the idea of another food safe “chalk” from the kitchen. I followed my own advice and bought the cupcakes so I had more time to play with my KNK.

      • What a relief to know that you bought the cupcakes. I was thinking that I needed another lesson from you because mine wouldn’t look like that. 🙂

  2. Holy Cupcakes!! These look great. Thanks for sharing — The finished product AND the files!.

    Amazing job, Judy.

    • Thanks Chad! I’m so glad I listened to you when you told me I really needed a KNK cutter to do the kinds of things I wanted to do.

  3. Judy, these are spectacular! They make me want to plan a party just to get to use them. Hehehe! Thanks bunches for sharing the files.

    • You are welcome, Rhonda. Check out the other ones on the iloveknk site and you can have lots of parties!

  4. GREAT designs, as always! Thank you for providing the files, too. I always get asked about these at my site. People all over the world love them.

    • Thanks, Sandy! You know that these most likely wouldn’t have happened without the unending support and help you give me.

    • Judy, you make the most amazing cupcake wrappers. You have been wonderful sharing your knowledge and talent.

      • Nancy, you are too kind! Being able to share them is one of the better parts of making them.

  5. I agree with everyone! Beautiful! And can I blame you if I gain weight so I can use your file?

  6. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    So far I have only used my Groove-e for rhinestone templates… but these are a MUST !
    Just yesterday I was planning on seashell soaps for my booth at holidays… and NOW I have the wrappers !
    Would anyone please share F & V and what different kinds of papers will work.
    Is the embossing and the cutting accomplished at the same time.? Oh dear… MUST I find my manual?
    Any help appreciated and I can help with rhinestone templates…
    BTW… what would be necessary to adjust to make the wrappers square or rectangular? hold a square piece of chocolate for ex.?
    Thank you so much ! LEO

    • Thanks for the compliment! I sent you a pm with some information in it yesterday. Basically you can use any kind of paper that will bend nicely (something not too heavy because heavy paper tends to kink at the cuts) and your force depends on the paper. The velocity depends on your comfort level with the machine. Since the wrappers are created on a curve so they sit flat when placed around a cupcake, I suggest that you use the wrappers as they are but put a cupcake paper inside the wrapper – maybe a spot or two of glue if needed – a put your candy or whatever in the cupcake paper. Enjoy!

      • HI – -love the seashell designs – gorgeous work! I am trying to download the svg files but just gt an error message and a bunch of code??? I have a cupcakes to do for a my Mom by the ocean and would love to use these.

  7. love the seashell cupcake wrappers, but am having extremem difficulty downloading them. I have a shilhoutte cameo…….I am doing cupcakes for a beach wedding in June 2012…..please help Thank you
    Brenda Day

  8. Hi Judy,
    Really love the seashell cupcake wrappers. I have tried to download the svg format but it takes me to a page with a lot of numbers on it. Any help would be awesome!
    Thanks again,

  9. Hi Judy,

    Most of your files posted just go to a page with this designation “Untitled z”. The photos of the projects are lovely, is there anyway to get the files?


    • HI Kathy, Thanks for the compliment. I have emailed you privately. If you do not get it, please post again.

  10. Judy, lovely work!! I was wondering what are your terms of use with this cupcake wrapper? I’d appreciate the response! I know this is old so hopefully you’ll see it, since I didn’t know how to contact you otherwise.

  11. Oh Thank you so much this is just what I need for my “beach party” Debi

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