The Barn

We are fortunate enough to live in the country but one thing was missing from our property…a barn. We live in Wisconsin and I have always had a love for barns. 2 years ago my husband decided to build a barn!!! It took him 2 years and one week to get it completed using almost every minute of his free time. It was so worth it. :O) The downstairs is his, complete with a bathroom, the upstairs is mine. He picked out the paint colors and unfortunately…or fortunately, my room looks like a giant Green Bay Packer Fan club room.


I have been waiting for the upstairs of the barn to get done because I had a file from My Vinyl Designer that I wanted to make into a clock. I bought the clock works last year so I would be ready. I decided to make it big, it is over 3 feet across. This meant using the ginsu knife because I have a 15″ KNK Maxx. To ensure all lines were straight across I used snap to grid and cut the file into 3 pieces. I used the array feature to make sure my registration marks lined up so I could make sure the 3 pieces line up properly. Because the walls are just painted particle board  I used outdoor vinyl to make sure it stuck. If we ever decide to take it down we will be doing it because we are painting so we didn’t have to worry about paint damage or damge to dry wall. I let my husband decide where to put the clock and he chose a spot on the top of the steps…yikes. It meant a ladder over the steps and I hate heights. But he was sweet enough to help me with the application, not all of it, but he got it started.

It is up, not perfect but as my husband always says “It’s a barn”. And it isn’t 100% because although I found the hands it may take a bit to hunt down the clock works. Because one wall upstairs is barn red I will probably paint the hands red, time will tell.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is awsome! looks just perfect to me. can’t wait to see it with hands and working. hope you post another picture when you find the hands!

  2. My wife is going to see this and ask for one as soon as she does! lol.

    Great project, Nancy. It looks flawless to me!

  3. Very cool! I collect clocks and this would be a great addition to my sewing room.

  4. That’s it Nancy…I’m coming over! I’ll wear my jersey–this football season I’m dedicating it to wearing my #80 😉 — I’ll bring my 15″ Maxxer, a couple of treats, and we can scrap in your wonderful Packer Barn Loft!!!
    How exciting for you! What an awesome clock…and if there’s no hands on it, then time can’t fly by!

    • It would be so much fun to get a group together in the barn. If you didn’t love Donald during the football season you had to fall in love with him during Dancing With Stars.

      • …wouldn’t that be fun!! 🙂 Really makes me wish I had room to build a barn in my backyard…nutz. LOL
        Loved DD before DWTS, and now even more. He’s so much fun to watch on and off the field. Can’t wait to see his first touchdown dance!!! I’ll be cheering for him!

        • Absolutely, such a great guy & great dancer! Go DD & Packers!!! I can say that bcuz I grew up in WI and summer here, too. Can I come to the party?? HeeHee!!

  5. What a fabulous barn! And your clock is truly awesome. It makes such a statement on that wall. Great job!!!

  6. I would LOVE to see what you use for the clock works. I’ve been waiting to do a clock but can’t find the appropriate hands to use 🙁 since you want the flat disk not the one to mount.
    love hugs and prayers

  7. Carol, I know when I ordered mine I had to get a special clock works so that it was flat and had the power to make large hands go around. I actually found the paper work with the order info yesterday when I was looking for the clock works…do you think I can find it now??? :O)

  8. Great Fun, Nancy!!! Is “Your” area for your crafts and creative time? I always thought I would be sooo much fun to have a barn for a space of my own. Lucy you! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

  9. WOW I’m entire barn for craft room (well the upstairs of it that is) and what have you? WOW! I can remember playing in a friends barn ages ago…they had huge bales of hay piled up on one end, and a rope strung up…you grabbed the rope and swung out across to the other side…if you were brave (read foolish), you’d allow yourself to slide down the hay chute or whatever it was in the floor! Of course I wheezed for days afterwards! But with no hay or straw..oh man, I could move INTo that barn and never set foot in the house again LOL. j/k

  10. This is such a neat idea and the perfect place for it! Looks great to me…You know the 3′ rule can always be applied. I have dreamed of doing this in my sewing room and have a great place for it, but not as perfect as this. Thanks for sharing your special place with us.

  11. Fabulous!! Sure looks perfect to me!! I am sure you will really enjoy it — the barn, craft room (loft?) and that gorgeous clock!

    I’d love to see it in person! (I’m in WI, too, right now, on & off thru summer/fall.) I love barns, too. I’m a city girl, never lived on a farm or in the country, but barns always fascinate me and I try to take picks whenever I can.

    Great job!

  12. what terrific farm. I love the country live and you are soooo afortunated. The farm looks really nice and your project is terrific.

  13. This was indeed an amazing feat, Nancy. I really admire your perseverance. I love clocks and have a real need to know the time so I really appreciated all your hard work. I’m glad you got the barn. It is amazing.
    I wish I had all that space for a crafting room too.

    • It won’t all be used for crafting space. We have 2 futons so people can spend the night, there is a foosball table if you are competitive, and yes…some space for crafts! :O)

  14. Love the barn! Love the clock. Great for space to hang out. You’ll start out thinking that you have so much space for your crafts, and then it gets invaded by other things like you mention above. Perhaps a dedicated crafts studio is the next thing to get DH to build?

    • Elizabeth, we already have 5 buildings on our property, it has to stop. :O) I think I have enough space, just need to get organized and downsize.

  15. Wow….I think you did a Super job on the vinyl clock. (Especially in a stairway!) But also please tell your hubby that he did a Wonderful Job on the building of the barn! Congrats you 2!

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