{ThanksgivZING picnic baskets

Are you going to tell me my blog post titles are lame? Because I’m feeling a little clever about them.

So last week I hurt my knee (and yes I’ll take some cheese with my whine) and had some time to do a whole lot of nothing for three days since I was taken off work because I was told to stay off my knee. I hurt it riding my bike. I’ve been riding about 60 miles a week and I LOVE it, but my knees don’t.

You are so wondering what that has to do with my project. Nothing, really.

Just kidding. I spent a lot of those three days reading books and surfing the internet and I decided when I felt better, I wanted to draw these cute little picnic baskets. So I did. They are very similar to the Sizzix version. I used Inkscape to draw, just because. I used the Zing to cut, just because. Well, to be honest, it’s my go-to machine.

I really want to share the file but as you’ll see by some of these close ups, I still have some work to do.

I cut these out using world win papers for the solid colors and then I cut the file out again with a Halloween/Autumn stack of DCWV I picked up. Since the designed paper isn’t card stock, I used the Xyron to glue the pieces together, which made the box a little more sturdy, while giving it some design.

I used my embosser to liven the baskets up a bit and dusted the raised areas with a wheat colored ink pad.

I did some print and cut with Lettering Delights Squirrel graphics set.  I’m working on calibrating the laser and I’m getting closer. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s getting there and will be there once I fool around with it some more. I just learned how to calibrate it last night and was impressed with how close I got after the first two tries.

I also had to give up because my printers (yes, that’s plural) stopped working and it took me about an hour, some frustration, and a good google search to figure out and solve the problem. Turned out it was something stupid. It always is, though, right?

I recently picked up a color laser printer for pretty cheap and the quality is just so much better than the inkjet. Of course the toner is pretty expensive, but supposedly I’m going to get a thousand prints off these cartridges. We’ll see.

Finally, that’s my home made twine I used for accent. It’s so easy to make with a braid twister and embroidery floss. I always paint a coat of water mixed with glue on it to stiffen it up and make sure it stays twisted.

My girl child (Mini Me) said, “You’re always making boxes and stuff. Why don’t you do something different?”

Sigh. Maybe next month. But don’t hold your breath. 🙂

Edit: The file is still not perfect, but if you want to play around with it, here it is. It helps to turn the whole thing 45 degrees on the mat and it will size on a 12×12 piece of paper.


I don’t think I can link directly to the file, only the folder. The file is djmpicnicbox.mtc

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24 thoughts on “{ThanksgivZING picnic baskets

  1. Your baskets are lovely. I can hardly wait for the file. 🙂
    Seriously, you have done a lovely job designing and completing these baskets. I can hardly wait to get my Zing.

    • You are going to love your Zing! Just take the time to read how to do things and plan on practicing before you need to get something done.

  2. LOVE the baskets. They are adorable and the embossing is a great touch. I love using my Zing for print and cut. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Beautiful baskets! with the Zing which embossing tip you recommed? I seen like 3 different brands but I don’t know which one I sould buy…. any advise? Thanks in advance!

  4. I added the file, but the lid still isn’t perfect (it wasn’t going together right) and there is something funky with the part on the bottom.

    Put tape on the triangle pieces and on the connect tab and then it will all just go together.

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