Thanksgiving utensil holder

While we were out and about, my three-year-old pointed out a snowman that held utensils and I thought it was cute.  I figured that, while I could make the snowman, I would make a turkey since my husband is a freak about thanksgiving.  I created the turkey using basic shapes and some math.  The file is attached at the end for personal use.



Materials used:


  • Force: 70
  • Offset: .35
  • Passes: 1


Start by cutting all the pieces of cardstock in colors of your liking.  I chose four fall colors and cut two of each size of feathers.   I also cut out two of the black pieces to make a pouch for a folded napkin.  I chalked the edges of all the pieces with a color to match to give it some depth.  When gluing the feathers down I chose to offset the front feathers (You could also put the front feathers in line with the back ones).  I then glued down the rest of the body except for the wings because I wasn’t sure the fork and knife would fit.  Once I made sure they did fit, I glued just the edges of the wings to the body (If you have large utensils you may want to elongate the wings).  Then I put the fork and knife in, closed the wings, and secured them with glue dots.

thanksgiving utensil holder-Nicole Kemble


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