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I am going to be Grandma for first time! I can’t beleive it and I am soooo happy and I am making a lot of things for the Baby Shower of my daughter-in-law. It’s going to be a GIRL, so I already started making the Invitations, the Thank You notes, and the favors. This is what my post is about.

The Thank You note that you see was made with vellum paper, cardstock, ribbon, a paper flower, and vinyl. Using my TERRIFIC Groove E and the engraving tool, I engraved the vellum, (F=60 and V=300). Then I changed the engraving tool for the red cap blade to cut the vellum. After it was cut, I cut one of the borders with a decorative scissor. Then I cut cardstock with the same shape of the vellum and painted just the border of the card stock. The word “Thank you” was made with vinyl and I cut it with the red cap blade (F=25 and V=150). Then I embellished with ribbon and paper flower.








For the keepsake, I made everything exactly as explained above but in miniature size. Instead of writing the word “Thank You” I wrote the name of the baby, which is going to be “Carlea” and put that inside a box frame that I decorated with the colors of the baby shower.


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    • Oh YES Sandy, I am sooo excited. She is going to be a very spoiled baby, In my famaly there is no Girls, all are boys, she is going to be the first girl, so can you imagine, toooo much love for her.

  1. Omayra, this is a wonderful, creative design that exudes your enthusiasm and excitement on being a grandma. Congratulations! I’m sure your mind is reeling with ideas and lucky for you that you have a cutter up to the task. I love all the detail in this little dress and the use of vellum as an overlay.

  2. Congratulations, I am a first time Nana and my Grandson is now almost 12 months old! It has been a wonderful experience and you will LOVE it!

    Beautiful project!

  3. Congratulations Omayra! There’s just nothing else that can compare to grandchildren. I can see that little Carlea will know how much she is loved. You’re going to have so much fun! I love your projects!

  4. Congrats on being a gramma for the first time. I have my first grand baby 8 months today, And its so wonderful.

    I love your projects. So beautiful.


  5. Congratulations Omayra! Grandkids are the best! My nephews wife was the first girl in her family for years. She said she was made to wear ruffled butt underware until she was 12. :O)
    Your projects are great. I love making things for babies.

  6. Congratulations on becoming a Grandma! Terrific news for a terrific lady. Love the cute little dress and the decorations/favors. What a lucky DIL to ahve your creativity to help her out. Can’t even imagine what you’ll do for the baby’s room, but hope you’ll post pictures.

    • Thank you Barbie, I will post pictures for you. But I am not so good decorating rooms. But I have done a lot of things already, Imagine, my first grandchild and a GIRL, LOL

  7. It’s beautiful! AND, you’re so lucky to have a newborn coming into the family! My youngest grand child is 10 yrs old now. Her brother turns 13 tomorrow! I was in the delivery room when he was born..when his head popped out, I told him he was MINE! Well of course, he ended up being poppa’s boy instead..grrr. But he’s THIRTEEN now..impossible…and we may never have any more newborns. We also have a 16 yr old (yup she’s driving now). No more newborns though ;/

  8. How adorable! Something to add to my list of ideas. Thanks for sharing. Great idea.

  9. Your Project is so beautiful, I can see it as a much treasured heirloom item passed down with love, debi

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