{Teacher Appreciation Day Shape Cards

Everyday should be Teacher Appreciation Day. Of course, I say that ’cause I’m a teacher. It’s nice to get spoiled and appreciated for a day.

My son is in 4th grade and he has had a great year with his teacher. She LOVES the color purple and her last name begins with A. So after much noodling (and surfing Pinterest forEVER), I came up with these:

(edit: I just reshot the pictures. I hated them and wanted to redo them)


This is an alphabet set from Lettering Delights that I believe is free this month.

I did a pixel trace on the letters and broke apart all the pieces. I made a shadow layer and turned it into a card.


I love using the foam tape to give the cards some dimension. I’m terrible with glue, which I’ve told you before, so excuse the glue mess.

I cut these using the Zing and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting little hanging chads (heh, heh, heh, I made a Chad pun). Finally I realized my offset was set to 0 so the cuts weren’t coming together. I didn’t feel like redoing them (and I was running out of purple paper) so I just used my exact-o knife to fix the little areas that were bad. I felt so stupid when I caught my mistake. But I keep it real here at TeamKNK so you get me faults and all.

I decided the cards weren’t enough (I made 10) so I decided to make a holder for them. I’m sure someone has one of these made or is selling one, but I drew it in Make the Cut:


I really would have liked to use a pretty pattern paper for the folder, but I didn’t have any double-sided purple patterned paper in my million and one drawers of paper so I went with plain card stock. Keeping with the purple theme, I added the little frame and flower from Lettering Delights files.

Here’s the inside:


Oops. The corners are coming up a bit. I didn’t notice that when I took the pictures. Easy fix.


I took this from the side, so you could see the pocket comes out about a half inch and I was able to slip in 5 cards and envelopes on each side. I also thought it might be cute to put a pen at the bottom. It would be easy to add a little strip to hold the pen.

If you like this, I will send the file (minus the Lettering Delights stuff) to Sandy and have her add it to this post. I’m sure you can decorate it way better than I did.

Here is the link to the download the card folder file in MTC, PDF, and KNK formats:

Card Envelope file by Deb M

20 thoughts on “{Teacher Appreciation Day Shape Cards

  1. I Love It Deb!! That alpha from Lettering Delights always brings a smile…she will absolutely adore it! I’d love to have your file for this! Ü

  2. What a great gift! Love the holder you made to store the cards and she can use it later when the cards are gone. Very thoughtful gift!

  3. LOL I don’t think I will ever escape the dreaded hanging chad joke (That would make for a great halloween costume!) Very cool. cards and card holder 🙂 Looks like the Zing is doing a good job for ya!

  4. Loved the card holder. Not just teachers would enjoy receiving this. I have made some cards
    and taken them to the nursing home. Great for the residents who have a tough time writing but
    oftentimes need thank yous or other kinds of cards but don’t have a way to get them.
    Thanks for sharing the file.

  5. This is really cute. My daughter wanted something 2 weeks ago as they were having their Teacher’s Appreciation Day then. This would have been cute to have for that. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Really nice thought for those of us who have to make something all week long for TA week!

  7. I have wanted to make
    Like this for a dear friend! Thanks for
    Sharing! Love hugs and prayers

  8. So Cute! I do hope his teacher realizes how much time you invested in this gift. It’s evident how much you appreciate the time she invests in teaching your son.

  9. LOVE IT! is the A shaped the outside of it, or is that another project? Just curious..you’ve done a wonderful job!

  10. I’m sorry Deb. The word “son” that you see before TERRIFIC is a mistake that I tried to fix but I did not know how to. “Son” is a Spanish word that in English means “are”. Sorry

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  12. Sure do love that card holder. I always make hubby’s aunt, who is turning 100 in Sept several cards for Christmas and birthdays, as she is a card sender, and always decorates store bought ones with lots and lots of stickers when she sends to children. We buy her a couple books of stamps, also, and I usually take the cards into the p.o. and get them stamped and ready to mail (simply because what I make always takes extra postage). That way she does not have to make a trip to the p.o. or have her son or daughter do it for her. She can simply slip them into her mailbox on the outside of her house. She would love that holder too!

  13. These are so cute and I am sure any teacher would love to have them. U have done a wonderful job. TFS

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