Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We have some very dear friends that we have spent a week with in the spring the past few years.  The guys spend most of the week attending Spring Training baseball games.  Us ladies spend our time crafting, shopping and visiting.  Of course that includes using and learning more about our KNK electronic cutters.  When it was time to send birthday greetings to the husband of the couple recently, it seemed only fitting to send a baseball themed card.

Card Front

Card Front


Card Inside

Card Inside

Materials Used:

Cardstock – red and white

Scrapbook Paper – baseball print

Glossy Photo Paper

Double sided adhesive tape

Foam Pop-Dots


KNK 15″ Maxx Air

Cardstock:  Standard Materials Blade – Red Cap  Force – 50, Speed – 150, Blade Offset – .35, 1 pass

Glossy Photo paper:  Standard Materials Blade – Red Cap Force – 60, Speed – 80, Blade Offset – .35, 1 pass

Instructions, etc.:

Basically this is a larger version of the Little Card that I posted in April of this year.

I enlarged the card and heart that I used for the Little Card.  I also modified the heart so the top edge was circular.  The baseball on the front of the card, the stadium and the baseballs on the inside of the card were print-and-cut items.  The score lines on the stadium piece were added manually since they are scored from the back side of the panel rather than the front.  The baseball was secured to the front of the card with foam Pop-Dots so it would be raised above the surface of the card front.  Double sided adhesive tape was used to layer the white cardstock and baseball print papers on the front of the card and to secure the baseballs and the stadium on the inside of the card.

The photo in the Little Card post shows the placement of the stadium inside of the card.  The center fold of the stadium is placed on the center fold of the card.  The point of the stadium is near the bottom of the card and the folds towards the top of the stadium are almost at the top of the card.  Thus when the card is folded, the stadium is completely concealed inside so it is a bit of a surprise when it pops up as the card is opened.  Adhesive should be placed only on the lower portions of the stadium that are below the side-to-side fold lines.

The baseball on the front of the card is printed on glossy photo paper and the stadium picture and the baseballs inside of the card were printed on regular white cardstock.  The white cardstock and baseball print scrapbook paper were cut manually.

Use the link below to download the cutting files for this card.

Baseball Card Cut Files_JudyKay



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  1. This is a GREAT card, Judy! Conrad still has it on the mantel. 🙂 I love the way photo paper cuts so easily on our KNK cutters and you sharing the details of how you arrived with the end project.

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