Family Reunion and Digital KNK

I really do not like stamping. When I do stamp I tend to mess it up. Plus it involves buying a stamp that you will only use a few times and then have to store. Quite often I will see something that has been stamped and will want to make it. My solution is to recreate the stamp in KNK Studio.

With this Happy Birthday “stamp” I just typed Happy Birthday and then did a break path. This way I could resize and reposition each letter exactly how I wanted it. I did some node editing in the H for Birthday because I wanted the top half of the H taller than the bottom half, if that makes sense. When I had the “stamp” exactly how I wanted it I chose File, Export image and save the image. Then I imported it into Word and printed off a sheet of the Happy Birthday stamp. I now had a dozen perfectly “stamped” images and no mess to clean up, not stamp to put away.

When I realized this was what my post would be about, a light bulb went on. Now a days it seems like I have more light bulbs turning off than on. :O) But I thought if I can do it with words, I can do it with images. This card was made using a cutting file from I assembled the  pieces on my screen in KNK Studio so that they were put together the same way the finished product would be. I added the 1,2,3 on the Balloons by adding text and putting it where I wanted it. Then I added the words, again, just picking a font and typing. I created a rectangle the same size as the card I was planning on making and then resized everything and placed it exactly where I wanted it on the card. I deleted the rectangle, went to File, export image, imported it to Word and printed it.  Viola! Remember that you can re-color the file to the colors you desire prior to exporting the image.This would be a quick way to make personalized invites without having to cut and assemble 20 invites.

Now, on to the Family Reunion. We have had an exciting week! My youngest daughter Tash joined our family when she was 3. Her parents had placed her for adoption when she was 2 and she was in foster care for almost a year before she joined our family. Tash has multiple disabilities, but to us she is perfect. :O)  Her adoption paper work supplied us the names of her parents and the fact that she had a sister who was almost 2 years older, and the sisters name and date of birth. Through the years I always wished that the parents could know how well their little girl was doing.  I did search for them online to no avail. When my grandkids were 2&4 I thought how devastated Gavin would be if suddenly his little sister “disappeared”. So  New Years Eve 2010 I did a search on Facebook for the sister. It had never occurred to me prior to this to look for her. And lo and behold there she was…on Facebook…living in Israel. I sent her a message through Facebook and she replied. She had been looking for “Nati” (Tash’s name is Natashja, they called her Nati which we did not know, we call her Tash) and had even hired a private detective. Her mother was deceased and the dad did not want to be part of her life. Her sister was caring for her Grandmother who was terminally ill. This past fall her Grandmother passed away and Tash’s sister booked a flight to the USA to see her baby sister. It was so awesome. Tash doesn’t really “get it” but her sister was so happy to see Nati again, to see that she was alive and well, to be able to hug her. So, we are now blessed with another member of the family. She may live in Israel, but part of her will always be here.