In reverse

So many of the “hand painted signs” that you see are actually made with a vinyl stencil.



wood stain


spray paint

clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Force 38

Speed 500

For this project I used a 12×12 piece of wood which I had stained black. I then designed my saying and centered it in a 12×12 square and cut it out. I weeded the letters out of the square and used clear transfer tape to transfer the 12×12 square of vinyl to the 12×12 square wood plaque. I then used a hard squeegee and  made sure the vinyl was adhered to the wood plaque. After removing the transfer tape I went over the vinyl again with the squeegee. I then debated whether to use a brush to apply the paint or use spray paint and decided to use spray paint. I sprayed several “misting coats” until all of the lettering was white. Spray paint dries very quick so I was able to remove the vinyl after a few minutes

It’s a Pintrest Christmas

I had some one send me this picture and ask if I could make a wood plaque for them so they could make this sign that they saw on Pintrest.




MDF wood from Home Depot

Rustoleum 2X spray paint


15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 46

Speed  400

Obviously the one in the picture was hand painted but she wanted to make a sign like it so that she could put her grandchild’s footprints on the plaque.


I get my wood at Home Depot and they are nice enough to cut it to size for me. I usually get it cut into 12″x24″ pieces and then if I need it smaller my husband cuts it. But, Home Depot will cut it any size for you. This plaque was 8″x 12″.

I then spray painted the plaque with white Rustoleum 2X spray paint. I like to let the paint dry for at least 24 hours. I then use a fine sanding block and lightly sand it. This makes a huge difference in having the vinyl adhere. I use a micro dusting cloth to remove any dust.

I designed the file in KNK Studio. The ovals represent the size of the little ones feet. It gave me a perspective for sizing the other pieces. The other “pieces” were either drawn in KNK Studio or used the basic shape tool.


I cut the pieces from outdoor vinyl.

IMG_4562 I applied the words to the plaque and the rest of the pieces will be added once the foot prints are in place. She was making 4 identical plaques, thus all of the little pieces.


Here is the file twas the night before Christmas

So when you see something on Pintrest that you like don’t be afraid to try making it, you still have 10 days until Christmas Eve to make some awesome gifts. Enjoy the Holidays!

Stencil Magic – Guest Post

Last week, I worked with a customer on pixel tracing to create a stencil project. The final outcome was absolutely phenomenal and I asked if I could share it with you here on Team KNK, and I’m so glad she agreed.

Deb creates personalized, unique and beautiful designs in Make-the-Cut for decorative signs using her KNK Zing. Here is one example:

unnamed (1)_opt

She uses stencil material; either a 6 mil mylar for one-time use or a 16 mil stencil material for multi-use.

unnamed (2)_opt


Settings (KNK Zing):

  • Speed = 13/13
  • Force = 154
  • Passes = 2
  • Blade Height = 9 Post-it Notes


  1. Pixel trace the design in Make-the-Cut or create from scratch
  2. Use layers to separate each color for one stencil
  3. Cut the stencil material
  4. Apply temporary adhesive and press to substrate
  5. Cover any areas outside of the stencil that may inadvertently get sprayed
  6. Paint each layer and allow to dry between colors


And look how stunning this is!!!!


I want one! lol


Until you become a grandparent you have no idea how wonderful it truly is. These adorable little ones enter your life and if you are lucky, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy them. Here are 2 plaques that I have made so that grandparents can either hang their pictures or display their names on the hearts. The number of hearts can easily be changed. Here is the file for both team knk grandkids

IMG_3767 IMG_3778


Wood cut at Home Depot

Rustoleum 2x paint



KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

46 force

450 speed

Last minute teacher idea

Happy Memorial Day! As this weekend comes to and end I wanted to share with you a last minute teacher gift that I designed. I saw similar things online and decided to try making it. IMG_3195 Materials

Outdoor vinyl

Indoor vinyl

Clear Transfer tape

2X Rustoleum Spray paint


KNK Maxx 15″

Red capped blade

40 force

400 speed

It was very easy to do. I copied an apple shape from online and pasted it into KNK Studio. I then typed each name in the font I wanted. I believe the font I used is HERALD. I then placed names around the outline of the apple and used Transform, fit text to arc to curve each  name to fit the silhouette. Once the outline was filled with names I randomly filled the apple with the remainder of the names. The Teachers name and the grade were made to fit into the leaf and stem. I cut the names from outdoor vinyl, I think it sticks to wood better. Because I only had the green and brown in indoor vinyl I used that for the leaf and the stem. I had no problem applying them to the wood.

I once again bought wood at Home Depot, 24×12 and had them cut it into 12×12 pieces. I lightly sanded the wood, wiped it down, and then spray painted the wood using the Rustoleum 2X. It is available ay most Wal Marts, Home Depot, etc and is about $4 a can. One can paints a lot of boards. It is a “powdery paint”. Try iy and you will know what I mean. :~)  Once it is painted I let it sit for 24 hours. This part kills me, I do not like waiting, so I generally paint a few at a time so I have some ready to go when I need the. After 24 hours I use my fine sanding block and lightly sand it and then wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust. I then used my clear transfer tape to lift the vinyl from the backing and apply it to the wood. I think it took me about 1/2 hour to design it, cut it, and apply it. So if your kids are still in school and you want to make something special, this was a fun, easy project.

Don’t forget to enter our Summer Solstice Challenge  The Grand prize is a new Zing Air!!!!