Tis the season for new babies!

In the last month I have had so many requests for baby plaques with the birth info. I often get asked to create something unique.






Paint Vinyl

Clear transfer tape


15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 450

Force 36

This was an 11×14 piece of pine wood that I stained with an ebony stain. I then dry brushed over the top with a white acrylic paint until I was happy with the way it looked. I like to let my paint and stain dry a few days before applying vinyl. I then designed the file in KNK Studio, cut it, applied it with clear transfer tape and it is done!   I absolutely love making these. I love babies and feel a bit of a connection every time I make one.

Mother’s Day is almost here

Years ago I made a plaque that  said  “To the world you may be just someone, but to someone, you may just be the world.” It is one of my favorite sayings. So when I saw on Pintrest where someone used this saying but substituted Mother for someone I knew I had to make another plaque. This could also be used for a Mother’s Day card.


blank wood plaque form Michael’s




15″ KNK Maxx

red capped blade

Speed 450

Force 30

I used 3 fonts for this plaque, Euphemia, arrow crafter and V Carmb. It was a simple as typing the words, selecting the words and breaking path, rearranging and resizing the words until I was happy with the design, and then determining how I was going to use the design. I had this plaque that I purchased at Michaels and it seemed like the perfect fit. I painted the plaque and let it dry. I then cut the vinyl and used clear transfer tape to transfer it to the painted plaque. I am not having any luck uploading the file to this page but will keep trying. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I am Blessed to still have my mom!

Here comes the bride part II

The wedding is fast approaching, less than 2 weeks to go and I still have 4 projects to complete. The bride ordered mugs and glasses for the wedding party to use at the reception. The online cost of engraving was several hundred dollars so she decided to have them engraved locally. When she took them in to be engraved the engraver did not want to do them because although the plaque on the glass is metal, the glasses are glass. :~) The engraver was afraid they would break when place in the clamp to hold them steady. So I became plan C. With my sweet KNK Maxx I was able to do them for very little cost using outdoor vinyl.

IMG_2389 IMG_2392 IMG_2391

A member of the bridal party saw a plaque that I had made for a customer and decided to have me make one for the bridal couple. They will be combining 3 families. This was made from a wood cabinet door from ReStore…I love that place. :O)

IMG_2387 I am excited to announce that I will be going to The Light Your Fire with KNK retreat in Phoenix, Arizona August 9-11. There are still a few spots open so if you want to join us email cuttingwithknk@gmail.com for an application.

Baby plaques

IMG_1003 A friend of mine recently became Grandma to twin boys! Although they were 8 weeks early and spent a month in the hospital they are now home and doing fine.
The plaques were so easy to make. They are 6×6 wood plaques which you can buy at places like Hobby Lobby. I painted it white and then sprayed it with a matte finish. The border was made by simply making a circle and using the array feature to make it into a square border. The font is PC Dazzle.


I also welcomed a new great niece, Lucia. Her plaque was even simpler. Just circles randomly placed and I used 1 snappy DNA and date prime1 fonts for the name and date. It is so much fun to make personalized gifts, especially when every one seems to be searching for unusual names for their newborns. All of the lettering and embellishments are cut from vinyl, which is available at www.knkusa.com, and were cut using my KNK 15″ Maxx. I usually use about 38 pressure and 250 for speed when cutting indoor vinyl. If it is a large piece of vinyl I slow it down to 150.