Two by two

I hope that every one had a nice Labor Day weekend. We stayed home which is our favorite place to be. I worked on a few wedding items, both very simple in design. One used two fonts, one used two colors. The first picture was made using a cabinet door from Re-Store .  I used Cambria and scriptina fonts, typed my saying, broke path, and then arranged and resized my words to come up with this design. I placed rectangles between the different colored words to use to line them up during application. I attached the file  here Team knk what I love most.     I then used clear transfer tape to apply the tan layer on top of the white layer and then transferred both to the cabinet door .

IMG_5086-min IMG_5090-min

The second was made using a canvas which I painted brown. Using the same method as above I typed my saying, broke path and resized and arranged the words as I wanted them. I am not sure which one I like best.



Clear transfer tape

cabinet door


Rustoleum 2X spray paint


15″ KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

Force 36

Speed  500




Love is in the Air

This card is perfect for both a wedding or anniversary. I saw a card like it on a site where it was made with a stamp and embossing powder. I love embossing powder, it was the “magical thing” that hooked me into making cards and eventually getting a KNK.  But I do not like having to buy stamps every time I want to make something different. So I tried to create the same look using my KNK and vinyl.

silver and gold Mr & Mrs IMG_3783

Materials used




KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

speed 350

force 46 vinyl 110 card stock

I purchased a bunch of card blanks in various sizes because i make a lot of cards and it saves a couple of steps. So I used an A6 white card blank and then cut a piece of silver card stock slightly smaller that the A6 card front and then  cut a piece of white slightly smaller than the silver. I usually cut the card fronts on my Maxx. I get 4 fronts from a 12×12 piece and they are all perfect. I applied the silver card front to the card base, then the white.  Then I cut the vinyl and applied it to the front of the card using clear transfer tape.  It really went very quickly. I like the way it turned out. I wish I would have put money in a jar every time I saved money by using it instead of buying that stamp, punch, etc.  :O)

The file for the card is here silver and gold Mr & Mrs

Challenge in Review – Paper Entry

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Do you see why the judges had such a difficult time? The paper category was just chock full of fabulous entries. Wow, I mean really, Wow!

Wedding Invite & Sleeve_opt

I had a difficult time picking photos to share, there were so many great ones included in her challenge entry.

Kathy’s description of this project:

My entry was created by using my TOTALLY AWESOME 15 inch KNK Maxx and the MOST AMAZING software, MAKE THE CUT! {Refer to picture #1…but please do not judge the project by how I look in this pic.  It was late.  I was tired, and my daughter kept laughing at my goofy grin}


This project was very dear to me since I designed it from “scratch” for my son and my beautiful daughter-in-law’s wedding this past November. When they asked me if I would take on such a project, I immediately jumped on the idea thinking with the awesome tools I have, my KNK Maxx and MTC, I said: “No problem…just give me an idea of what you would like!”  HA!  Didn’t expect that they would like a cut out corner and a matching sleeve! So off I went looking for the right elements to design the corner cut out. I had flowers, butterflies and swirls in mind. Once I found the right pieces, I traced them into MTC and started to play with forming the design. When I had just what I liked, I selected all and welded them together. After a bit of trial and error, and many tears of worry that I could actually pull this off, I humbly asked for the help from MTC’s weekly webinar crew to guide me through a few steps. S.BryanW was awesome and very instrumental in helping me get my design to weld to the edge of the virtual card. I am eternally grateful for your kind help Bryan!

Not wanting to lose the details of the design when it cut out, I created another piece which would be cut out of contrasting cardstock and adhered to the corner. Once I had that all worked out in MTC, I planned out the wording on the front of the invitation as well as the inside. Here too, MTC made that easy to accomplish. When everything was in place on the card, I put my 8½” x 11” sheet of cover stock into my printer and printed the front and inside. When finished printing, each sheet was placed on my KNK cutting mat, adjust the blade depth, hide printing, open cutting lines and cut, cut, cut. One sheet at a time. Then, glue, glue, glue. Fold, fold fold.

Then moving on to the pocket sleeve the invite is put into. I designed the sleeve using a few basic shapes in the MTC files, adjusting to fit onto a 8 ½“ x 11“ sheet of cover stock. Making sure that the card fit inside and slid in and out smoothly (while keeping in mind that it needed to fit inside a mailing envelope). Using the same design as the corner cut out on the card, modifying it a bit to fit the front of the top loading sleeve, I rotated the design and followed the same procedure to weld it to the front. After cutting out the separate detailed layer in cover stock, I had another few nights of dot, dot, dot of glue to adhere the contrasting layer to the sleeves. Fold and tape the side and bottom flap to create the sleeve…and Wah-Lah. Pretty card and envelope sleeve.  Wedding Invite & Sleeve-Dark Background_opt

Finishing touches not pictured were a 4” x 4” card with reception and RSVP info on it that I also created in MTC, printed out and then straight cut using my guillotine cutter. I added a sheet of tissue paper and stuffed everything into the mailing envelope for the finishing touch. Boxed them up and sent 80 of them on their way to South Africa.  12 days later I received a call with from the brides mother that they arrived. That was the LONGEST two weeks ever since I had no tracking on it to know where they were! She was so impressed that I made each one and that they were more beautiful than anything she has ever seen. It was well worth it. There would have been no way I could have accomplished this without the sweet cutting skills of my KNK Maxx and the ease of my Make The Cut software!!! Best two investment I ever made!!! KNK has the best customer service and training. I am soooo glad I discovered this company. Thank You for coordinating this challenge and for being so awesome just in general!

80 InvitesSleeves Before Inserting Into Mailing Envelopes_opt

Love is in the air…

It is that time of year when weddings and bridal showers abound. It is so much fun to be able to make personalized gifts.

Materials Used


wall tile

repurposed cabinet doors


KNK Maxx

Red capped blade

40 force

400 speed

IMG_3109 IMG_3096 IMG_3082

All 3 designs were from My Vinyl Designer. Using KNK Studio I was able to add the names to the design.

I love vinyl!

IMG_2637 Good morning !  In Wisconsin we are experiencing a beautiful autumn, my favorite time of year. It is when life starts to slow down a bit and I have more time to spend with my beloved KNK…at least in theory. :~)

Materials used:


14×17 Frame matted to 11×14


Settings on a 15″ KNK Maxx

red blade

40 force

400 speed

Another Pinterest inspired project!  I saw this on Pinterest and loved it. And as with most things I thought “I can do that”. I already had the split letter alphabet from  My Vinyl Designer so the rest was easy. I used Centsb font for the name and date and Hanford Script font for the Mr. & Mrs. If you don’t care to buy the alphabet you can use the ginsu knife feature and split the letter (I use snap to grid to make sure my cut lines are straight). Then make a rectangle the desired size, use the array feature to make sure your 2 rectangles are lined up properly, then weld a rectangle to each half of the letter. Once you get everything in place I use alt 7 to center the name,monogramed letter, date and the Mr. & Mrs. and Ta Da… a split letter monogram! I used Wonder Under to give the burlap some stability.

This makes a great wedding shower, wedding, anniversary, or just because gift. Stay tuned for my next post where I cut PAPER!!!!