Happy First Birthday!

first birthday plaque

A customer sent me this picture from Pinterest and wanted to know if I could duplicate it using vinyl for her daughter’s first birthday photo session. Yikes…I should be able to do this, right? So I grabbed one of my trusty cabinet doors from ReStore and painted it black using Rustoleum painters 2X  spray paint…took about 5 minutes including the search for the right sized door. Designing took a bit longer. I always struggle picking out the right font, and then organizing everything so it fits properly. But I love KNK Studio and how it allows you to design awesome projects with ease!

IMG_2251 The whole project was made using vinyl available at  KNK USA. Using my KNK Maxx I usually use around 40 pressure for cutting vinyl.

Another simple Pinterest project was a crayon case to keep in your purse to keep the little ones occupied away from home. It called for a plastic soap container crayons and a post it pad.  You put the post it pad on one side of the case and crayons in the other and they have an instant art kit away from home. Well, the soap container I bought was too narrow for a post it pad but I thought crayons were better than nothing. :O) I used my KNK Maxx to cut the grandkids names and put them on the holder.

IMG_2325 Not sure which is more fun. my KNK or the grandkids.