3D Thanksgiving Card – 3D Card with KNK Zing – Card with Acetate Window

3D Thanksgiving CardI make floating Christmas ornaments to sell in craft shows and through a local shop. To make the inside, I adhere a vinyl design to a piece of acetate (overhead transparency). I decided it would be fun to make a greeting card using the same process. This time though, I used 3 sheets of transparency and placed portions of the design on each. By creating it in this way, it gave it a 3D effect.


  1. Intermediate Vinyl
  2. Mylar, acetate, or other transparent plastic sheet
  3. White Cardstock
  4. Scrapbook Tape
  5. 3M (or similar) foam tape
  6. Red Capped Blade
  7. Zing Orbit

Machine Settings for Zing Orbit and Scal:

  1. Cutting Card stock: Pressure – 56, Speed – 12, Multi-Cut – 2
  2. Cutting Vinyl – Pressure – 50, Speed – 16, Multi-Cut – Off
  3. Cutting Transparency – I cut this on my original Zing with MTC: Force 120, Speed 11, Multi-cut – 3


  1. If you want to have something printed on the card, do that first. If you plan to use PNC, make sure to print your registration marks. Of course, it would be fine to simply cut by hand as well.
  2. Cut the card stock window panes. For this I first cut a 5″ X 7″ rectangle, then 4 smaller rectangles from that.
  3. Cut 3 pieces of transparency. You’ll need them to be just a little smaller than your card size, but big enough so the edges will be under the window frame. Leave enough room along the edge for scrapbook tape to stick to the edges. (See
  4. Cut out the vinyl for your design. Decide which portions need to be in the background, and which in the foreground.
  5. Adhere vinyl to transparencies. Stack them carefully on the card, and on each 3D Thanksgiving Cardother, as you build your design so that you are lining things up properly.
  6. Use small pieces of foam tape between transparencies, hidden under the vinyl, to build up the design and hold it together.
  7. Stick the double-sided tape to the backside outer edges of the window frame. Carefully adhere to your card, being sure to line up carefully. If you have cut your transparencies small enough, this should hold all pieces together.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out. It might be easier next time to cut the window panes out of the front of the card. This way I could place the transparencies behind the cut-out. I would then need to line the card (or just the back side of the card front) to enclose the layers.

Gobble til you wobble



How’s it going? For my project this month I really tried to do a paper weaving thing. It was supposed to be a hot air balloon, but I’m not sure what it ended up being, but I finally quit out of frustration. So here I am with a Thanksgiving card.


I don’t even know where I got the file so I apologize that I can’t direct you to it if you think he’s cute. It might have been Miss Kate’s Cuttables, but I’m not entirely sure. 20141119-IMG_1698

I had this pretty Thanksgiving stamp that I used for the inside. 20141119-IMG_1700

I modified the file by using goggly eyes instead of the cut out eyes. 20141119-IMG_1701

The funny part is it didn’t stand up very well once I added the eyes. My turkey became “right heavy” and kept falling over to the right. Oops. 20141119-IMG_1702 You are probably wondering what those scratch marks are on the orange part of his feathers. Yeah, I’m kinda wondering too. I think I had to make another pass because I sort of forgot to put paper on the mat the first time and my cutter got full of gunk. So it didn’t go through and I moved the mat before I realized there was a problem. I actually didn’t notice that there were light cut lines until I took the pictures. What is it with cameras picking up flaws and all? Guess I could Photoshop it, but I keep things real here.

I was going to post the pile of mess-ups from my paper weaving disaster… but… nah.


(If you want to check out the site). The PDF file is super easy to scan into MTC and cut out.

Anyway, here’s the details:


Paper (used white core DCWV…really wished I had those colors in Worldwins but I didn’t)

orange ink

Thanksgiving stamp

foam tape (for lift)

glue stick



I have no idea. Sorry.


KNK Zing

red blade

120 Force

10/10 speed




Have I lost my noodle?

I shoulda had a V-8!! Or have I lost my noodle?? Either way I so wanted to give you inspiration to use something that is not of the norm to create a lovely Thanksgiving decor item for the front door. My first inspiration was the beautiful cereal box lettering that you can design in the awesome Make the Cut software and cut on the over the top KNK Zing. And my second inspiration was this wreath that you can purchase at Williams-Sonoma for $99.95, or not……….



Materials Used to create wreath:

Burlap fabric

Ceramic Pumpkins (Dollar Tree 10)

Cereal Box


Duct Tape

Fine Glitter

Floral Moss (Dollar Tree)


Hot Glue Gun/sticks

KNK Zing Cutting Machine

Make The Cut Software

Straight Pins

Swim ‘Noodle’


The settings for cutting cereal box on the KNK Zing:

Thick Blade (sharp)

Force: 93

Speed: 8  up: 10


Please click on the following You Tube link below to view a complete Team KNK video tutorial on how to create a lovely Thanksgiving Wreath.



Thank you so very much for stopping by for another Team KNK Tutorial. We would LOVE to see and or hear of projects that you’ve created with a KNK product that was inspired by our design team. You are irreplaceable!!!  HUGE cyber {{{HUGS}}}  be blessed

~Beyond Measure



Turkey Place Card

It’s that time once again to gobble up some yummy ideas for your Thanksgiving Day table setting with these adorable Turkey Place Cards! Need to have the gravy passed to you? Don’t know the person’s name to ask them? You don’t have to throw a dinner roll at them and you don’t have to whistle like you’re at a football game to get their attention, just ask them by name and you’ll have the gravy on your mashed potatoes, instead of on you, in no time. So, don’t get your feather’s ruffled or anyone elses, until after desert and Uncle Larry is snoring on the recliner…ah, traditions, but I digress. These place cards were made from cardstock, except the wiggley eyes you can get at any craft store. You can also use any color combination you’d like to match your decor. Write the person’s name w/a marker pen like a Sharpe both on the front and back. Isn’t that special? Don’t forget to play it safe around the kids and food by not using glue and loose glitter because it flakes, so it’s a no no. These also make great favors for your guests to take with them. For scrapbookers, the shape will not distort when you place it on your page. Just slide the “tails” and body to one side and it will lie flat. Cool, huh? Have fun making these easy Turkey Place Cards and go ahead, get another helping of pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

Vinyl + Charger Plates = Happy Holidays

Great minds think alike! My November projects were using charger plates. All of the designs came from the MTC software. I’m trying to learn as much about the software as I can and wondered about the “Gallery” button. If you haven’t used it, DO IT! There are some great images that come with the software. For the Thanksgiving ones, I used the turkey outline and the grapes. For the Christmas ones, I used the swirly tree, Christmas word tree and the Christmas candles. There are so many wonerful designs for us to use in the MTC software, I can’t wait to investigate more!