Thank a Teacher

I apologize for being late. I’ve been sick for three days. Finally seem to be on the mend so I was able to get into my craft room.

I know. I did a teacher thank you card last month. But then my favorite “go to” site posted this design and I knew I had to use it.

I cut it out in red and green vinyl and reverse weeded it (and even used the hearts! It was easy, quick and done in no time at all. That’s my kind of card. These are 4.25 x 5.5 cards. I’m thinking I need to give one to my substitute today. Apparently my fish tank picked today of all days to overflow.

Machine/Software Used

Zing: red blade, vinyl setting; SCAL 5


red vinyl, green vinyl, card stock (white 60#, kraft 120#).

Many Thanks

You can never have too many thank you cards, right?

I needed some cards and I needed them quick. I’m a teacher and I am always needing thank you cards. I saw this design at and I knew it would make a perfect card. The problem is, it needed four different colors. I’m starting to use vinyl a whole lot more on my cards. It’s easier to weed and it’s easier to stick and a whole lot less messy. I am sick of seeing my glue marks all over my cards. The vinyl just looks and cuts cleaner.

Anyway, I realized I didn’t have any brown or red vinyl and so I thought, what if I just used markers and colorthe vinyl the colors I wanted it to be? Well, guess what? It works. And it looks pretty good. I used paint pens, the ones that you use for rocks or other surfaces and I used matte white vinyl. I’m not sure if it would work as well on shiny vinyl, but hey, I wasn’t sure this would work and it did.

I did learn it is easier to color after you weed because you can see the image better and you can sort of ink the sides of the cut pieces so you don’t see white after you weed. I did it both ways and this way was clearly better. You do have to wait a bit for the ink to dry and I even thought about giving it a little spray with acrylic to make sure the color sets. I didn’t for these cards, I’ve been rubbing my fingers all over it and none is coming off.

Anyway, I’m sure someone out there has thought of this idea, but it sure worked for me in a pinch today!


110# cardstock for card base, matte white vinyl and paint pens (I got these off Amazon).


Zing with SCAL: used vinyl project setting

red blade

Door Signage and a Vinyl Decorated Cookie Container

When we were installing the vinyl signage on my last post, I observed a sign on the inside of an unused set of doors that had seen better days.  In fact, it was so weathered that the tape was beginning to turn loose.

I was inspired to remake the sign in outdoor vinyl.  I did with these results:

This sign didn’t require a ladder for installation, so I installed it the next day myself with great results.  Just like in my previous post I cleaned the window before applying the vinyl.  It wasn’t possible to use the hinged method because of the complexity of the design, so I used these steps:

  • I completely masked the design and with small pieces of tape placed it on the door where I wanted it.
  • At approximately halfway, horizontally, I placed a piece of blue painter’s tape vertically on the design so that it extended beyond the design on the top and bottom, securely holding the placement of the design.
  • Next, I loosely folded the right side of the design back on the left side, separated the backing from the vinyl, and with my scissors cut away the backing.
  • With the backing removed, I used my squeegee to apply the vinyl to the window, working from the center taped line out to the edges.
  • When the right side was securely adhered to the glass, I loosely folded the left side back on the right side and removed the backing.  In addition to removing the backing, I removed the piece of blue tape that had been placed vertically to hold placement of the design so that I had access to where the seal ended on the right side of the design.
  • It was now time to use my squeegee to apply the left side of the vinyl design to the door, working from the center out to the edges.
  • Finally, I removed all the masking and gave the design a final once over with a squeegee enclosed in a soft casing.

As a thank you for helping me, I made Noel some chocolate chip cookies, which I knew were his favorite.  When trying to decide what to put them in, I decided on an aluminum container with a lid.  The lid provided the perfect format for my vinyl greeting.  In addition, it was accompanied with a gift card in one of my Thank You gift enclosures previously posted.

Once again, I used my 15″ KNK Maxx

Gift Card Collection with Envelope

This posting is a result of me always looking for a gift card enclosure whether it be for a birthday, a reward for a good job done in school, or just because.   Gift cards seem to be the answer for so many occasions these days.  Everything was cut on my KNK 15″ MAX and all of the outside designs include the use of vinyl, my go-to product for ease in lettering.  The card base is generic white cardstock and the reward ribbon was layered colored cardstock, “Good Job” added in vinyl.

Assembly is quick and easy with just just 2 folds on the card and a bit of glue on each end of the fold-up portion that encloses the gift card.  There are two card versions, one with a closure tab on the bottom and one without.

Gift Card Set in KNK and PDF File Formats

Also included is an envelope designed especially for the card.  For envelopes, my preference is paper that comes in Strathmore sketch pads, located in the art department of your favorite craft store.

Thank You Note and Keepsake



I am going to be Grandma for first time! I can’t beleive it and I am soooo happy and I am making a lot of things for the Baby Shower of my daughter-in-law. It’s going to be a GIRL, so I already started making the Invitations, the Thank You notes, and the favors. This is what my post is about.

The Thank You note that you see was made with vellum paper, cardstock, ribbon, a paper flower, and vinyl. Using my TERRIFIC Groove E and the engraving tool, I engraved the vellum, (F=60 and V=300). Then I changed the engraving tool for the red cap blade to cut the vellum. After it was cut, I cut one of the borders with a decorative scissor. Then I cut cardstock with the same shape of the vellum and painted just the border of the card stock. The word “Thank you” was made with vinyl and I cut it with the red cap blade (F=25 and V=150). Then I embellished with ribbon and paper flower.








For the keepsake, I made everything exactly as explained above but in miniature size. Instead of writing the word “Thank You” I wrote the name of the baby, which is going to be “Carlea” and put that inside a box frame that I decorated with the colors of the baby shower.